Steelers GM Omar Khan discloses star LB contract situation: “I really hope Alex Highsmith is here for a long time”

Steelers General Manager Omar Khan has expressed his desire to keep Alex Highsmith with the Steelers for a long time. Alex is entering the final year of his contract and coming off an impressive season with 14.5 sacks in 2022. The team is looking to secure their services before his price tag potentially rises further.

The GM appeared in an interview on “93.7 The Fan” in which he appreciated Highsmith and also acknowledged his contributions to the team. He stated that Alex has improved amazingly and that they hope to see the linebacker remain a Steeler for an extended period.

“We don’t like to talk specifically about an individual contract, but I’ll say this: He’s a Steeler,” Khan said. “Since the day he got here, he’s been awesome. He gets better and better every year, and I really hope Alex is here for a long time.”


He didn’t explain anything nor gave any specifics of the potential contract. But his comments indicate that the team will try to secure the linebacker for the long term. 

Steelers view Highsmith as a key piece of their defensive puzzle

The Steelers traditionally prefer to handle contract extensions before the regular season begins, providing a window of opportunity to negotiate with the player.

The potential extension of Highsmith’s contract aligns with the Steelers’ long-term plans for their defense. Star linebacker T.J. Watt is already signed through 2025, and retaining Highsmith would solidify the team’s edge rushing corps for years to come. Building a strong defensive unit is crucial for the Steelers’ success, and keeping Highsmith alongside Watt would provide stability and continuity in their pass rush.


Highsmith’s performance in the 2022 season showcased his ability to make an impact on the field, and the Steelers recognize his potential for continued growth and success. By securing his services early, the team aims to avoid any potential contract negotiations becoming a distraction during the regular season and potentially driving up Highsmith’s market value with another productive year.

The Steelers have a history of valuing their defensive players and investing in their long-term future. The desire to extend Highsmith’s contract demonstrates the organization’s commitment to building a formidable defense that can compete at a high level. With Khan’s public acknowledgment of Highsmith’s importance and his hope for a long-term commitment, it’s clear that the Steelers view Highsmith as a key piece of their defensive puzzle.

Let us know your thoughts on the Pittsburgh Steelers’ intention to secure a long-term contract extension with linebacker Alex Highsmith. Do you believe it’s a wise move for the team, considering his impressive performance and the importance of a strong defensive unit?


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