UFC Jacksonville: Ilia Topuria ‘confident’ that he and Merab Dvalishvili to be crowned champions in future

Ilia Topuria expressed faith in himself and his colleague Merab Dvalishvili after his spectacular victory at UFC Jacksonville, saying that they will both win championships in the future. Topuria’s impressive performance demonstrated his abilities and potential, giving him hope that he may win the championship.

El Matador believes that Dvalishvili, another UFC fighter on the rise, will have a successful future. They are motivated to win the championship by their combined tenacity and dedication to achievement.

Ilia Topuria and Merab Dvalishvili’s friendship

Ilia Topuria and Merab Dvalishvili, two emerging UFC stars, share not only a training camp but also a close friendship. Their relationship goes beyond the octagon as they encourage and support one another on their individual paths.

Due to their frequent training sessions together, their shared experiences, and their shared awareness of the difficulties they both encounter in their quest for excellence, Topuria and Dvalishvili’s bond has grown stronger.

Both boxers encourage one another to achieve greater heights because they are aware of one another’s talent and potential. With the common objective of winning championships in the future, they train side by side, swapping tips and strategies.

Their camaraderie extends beyond the gym walls, as they celebrate each other’s achievements and support one other when they face disappointments. Topuria and Dvalishvili‘s friendship acts as a source of motivation and inspiration for both of them.

Many fans love the genuine and authentic bond between the two fighters because it exemplifies the positive parts of the MMA community and the power of friendship in the competitive world of mixed martial arts. 

When will Merab Dvalishvili return from injury?

Merab Dvalishvili will be back in action soon after undergoing surgery to address hand injuries.The nine-fight winning streak in the UFC fighter from Georgia just underwent surgery, but he is already recovering. 

The Machine, a 32-year-old bantamweight, will spend the next six to eight weeks in a splint as he starts his recovery, according to his manager Oren Hodak from KO Reps. He can resume working out once the fusion in his hand has healed, with full punching probably being permitted 10 to 12 weeks following surgery.

It’s a little setback for Dvalishvili, whose career has recently prospered as he moved up the bantamweight rankings. The veteran bantamweight aspires to get a title in the near future.

For the time being, it looks like Dvalishvili will continue to rehab his hand while preparing for his next fight later in 2023.

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