Unbelievable story of Bear being forced to official Boxing match, teaches the boxer lesson for the lifetime

The ring of a boxing match is usually a stage for entertainment and throughout history it represented many astonishing events for boxing lovers. And today we will talk about such a story that literally defies the typical definition of a boxing match.

So, let’s find out more about an astonishing match in the history of boxing where a man confronted a bear as his opponent.

When did the Man vs. Bear boxing match happen?

Perhaps, it’s not a wise idea to get locked up in a cage with a wild bear. However, many would prefer to take that opportunity to showcase their might and this is exactly what happened centuries ago.

A man had a dangerous desire to ascertain who is mightier, a human being or a bear? And to determine the fact, he arranged a boxing match with a wild bear. The name of the man is Gus Waldorf and it was his wish to confront a bear in a ring for a boxing match.

It was the year 1949 and the match was arranged officially where each fighter was ready to lock horns in the cage. Gus had his boxing gloves but a muzzle had been placed on the wild animal’s mouth and hands to prevent him from creating a bloody mess.

The man was indeed feeling very proud to do something unique and adventurous as probably the first human being to do so and he fought his best to defeat the bear.

What was the result of the Man vs. Bear boxing match?

Humans may possess more cerebral power compared to any animal but they mustn’t underestimate the physical power of the wild inhabitants.

Gus made this very mistake and ended up losing the man vs. bear match to the Mammal.

It is to be remembered that former UFC lightweight champion Khabib ‘The Eagle’ Nurmagomedov had a match against a young bear during his boyhood. From the footage available, the Dagestani seems to be the one dominating.

Boxing legend Mike Tyson also once expressed the interest to fight a Gorilla, however, that match never materialized. What is your opinion on Human vs Animal boxing? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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