Video of Bellator fighter Dillon Danis, boxer KSI getting loose during weigh-ins gets viral

Dillon Danis, a Bellator fighter, recently faced boxer KSI at a DAZN event. Although the confrontation lasted only a few minutes, but there were traces of an altercation between the two competitors. The footage was later leaked by people who were present at the event; however, the matter didn’t go any further.

Danis was recently at a Dazn event for the weigh-ins, where he confronted a British YouTuber who happened to be present as a DAZN promoter. The fight quickly devolved into a dispute between the two fighters. They didn’t hesitate to continue chirping at each other. At one point during the fight, the American MMA fighter began taunting the British social media persona.

In return, “JJ” stated that he could knock out the jiu-jitsu specialist at any moment. So the Bellator fighter gradually provoked KSI until he knocked Olatunji’s hat off his head and then tossed a cup of cold coffee in his face. It was a strange scene, to say the least.

The entire altercation situation was captured on video by people present at the event and then shared on social media. The welterweight fighter has quite a history of getting involved in brawls.

As he was involved in a tiff with Nate Diaz at UFC 281, he also has a not-so-good relationship with Bellator fighter Anthony Taylor. Who later happened to be outside the event and had a short conversation with the 29-year-old, after which he repeatedly attempted to attack him.

Although the British rapper had intended to go after the Bellator welterweight fighter, he later changed his mind. Although the incident seemed to be going nowhere, “JJ” later made other tweets pointing out the Brazilian jiu-jitsu styler in the matter. He stated, “I’m the wrong guy to fuck with @dillondanis.” There might be some form of payback fight between these two, despite these random altercations that don’t last much longer.


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