Watch: Former kickboxing champion Andrew Tate getting mauled by some random dude after finally taking him down in viral clip

Footage of Andrew Tate has become viral on Twitter after he sparred with a random person in his house gym in Romania. People on social media trolled the former kickboxing champion as he suffered numerous big blows from what looked like an amateur fighter. In the end, despite eating big shots, Tate remained calm and stayed on his feet and went on to drop the random person on the floor with a vicious body shot.

From the looks of it, Andrew was sparring just for fun as his partner seemed to be at a much lower weight class. The person who Tate sparred is a tiktoker named Robert Alexandru. Apparently, Robert is a professional boxer with a record of 3-0. However, one cannot confirm this information as it is not posted by credible sources.

After facing a lot of heat on social media, Tate posted a picture with Alexandru on social media captioning “12 rounds with 3 different people. It is great to see Andrew Tate train and this may be signs that the former kickboxing champion could make a comeback inside the ring in the future. However, for that to happen he has to serve his house arrest sentence.

It is needless to say that Tate fighting inside a ring will be a spectacle to watch as the social media influencer never fails to grab the attention of viewers.

KSI trolls Andrew Tate for absorbing punishment in sparring from a TikToker

KSI and Andrew Tate share bad blood and have no respect for each other. After Tate’s sparring footage became viral on Twitter, the YouTube star shared his thoughts on the former kickboxing champion’s skills. Moreover, he made a bold claim that he would destroy Tate in a boxing bout.

JJ is yet to fight a top-level boxer in his career. On May 13th he faces his toughest test in the form of Joe Fournier. If he beats Fournier then one can expect the YouTube star to call out Andrew Tate like he did after his win over Luis Pineda last year. The only reason the fight didn’t materialize was due to the massive weight difference between the two fighters.

Tate walks around 210 lbs and KSI fights at 180 lbs. If the two parties somehow compromise and compete at the middle ground there is a possibility we could witness this rivalry turn into a boxing bout.


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