Watch: NBA star Russell Westbrook dons the cooking apron to serve 1,000 meals at 12th annual Thanksgiving dinner

Russell Westbrook, the Los Angeles Clippers star, despite being labelled as a polarizing player and drawing heavy criticism, doesn’t let the negativity demotivate him. He is extremely hardworking and gives it his all whenever he sets foot on the basketball court.

Russell Westbrook aka “Brodie,” might not be in his prime anymore but still plays with a lot of speed and energy. Despite being a star, he is not selfish, welcomes his fans with an open heart and gives back to the community selflessly. He does great things both on court and off court. Every year on thanksgiving, Westbrook and his foundation feed families in need and this year has been no exception.

Russell Westbrook serves meals at 12th annual Thanksgiving dinner

Even though his former team questioned his output early this year, Brodie’s off-court influence has far outperformed predictions. Russell Westbrook actively participates in giving back to the Los Angeles community through his foundation as a member of the Los Angeles Clippers. In addition to providing education, training, and advocacy for the underprivileged, the annual Thanksgiving is very important for the star guard’s “Why Not?” foundation.

“Beastbrook” made use of the day off following a demanding Tuesday game against the Denver Nuggets. The athlete didn’t let the defeat get to him and chose to celebrate Thanksgiving regardless.

At the Jessey Owens Park courts, the ‘Why Not?’ foundation of Westbrook held its twelfth annual Thanksgiving food distribution event. The point guard played a part in feeding 1,000 hungry families in the same arena where he played in his childhood.

Russell Westbrook and his wife Nina founded the “Why Not?” foundation with the goal of uplifting young people and teaching them to ask themselves, “Why Not?” when it comes to helping others. Through his foundation, the star player likes to open doors of empowerment for the underprivileged population, giving them hope during their darkest moments.

Russell Westbrook’s acts of philanthropy

The “Why Not” foundation has consistently made news for its massively charitable endeavors. Not only that, but Brodie also promised to create more jobs for young adults who deserve them and donated 400 pairs of shoes.

Via Why Not? Foundation

In addition to launching a brand-new sports complex with Jordan Brand, the philanthropist has taken time to express gratitude to the neighborhood that raised him. Russell Westbrook demonstrated that there are other ways to bring joy into our lives, even though the Los Angeles Clippers are currently on a six-game losing streak.

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