What are Conor McGregor’s demands to fight Manny Pacquiao in boxing?

Irish mixed martial arts superstar Conor McGregor has shot himself back into the public eye by disclosing talks about a possible matchup with boxing icon Manny Pacquiao. When Anthony Joshua recently triumphed in Saudi Arabia, McGregor, who last fought in July 2021, expressed his displeasure at the ring.

The fact that McGregor was not included in the UFC’s drug-testing pool caused the anticipated return against Michael Chandler to be postponed. McGregor is most likely to return for UFC 300 in April, but according to UFC CEO Dana White, he won’t be back until the summer. McGregor expressed his frustration and demanded action, looking agitated.

McGregor demands a few things to fight Pacquiao

McGregor made a strong statement, drawing attention to what appeared to be a communication breakdown. “The Mac has lots to offer and loads to deliver. They are talking Manny here in Saudi. The lads in the UFC aren’t really talking any.”

Frustration was evident as McGregor called for urgency, insisting, “Give me something. I’m supposed to be back in April. It was supposed to be December! For all the figures I’ve brought in this game, I sell more than all of them combined.”

“No one in the history of the fight game has been treated the way I’ve been getting treated at this minute. They f****** should open the floodgates for me. I’m waiting! And my patience is wearing thin on me waiting.”

Additionally, McGregor called him out while the two-weight champion was seated at ringside next to Cristiano Ronaldo. “Tell Manny to grow a set of balls and fight me at a higher weight class,” McGregor said.

“Why not? It’s his sport. If he wants me to come down to a smaller weight, I should be able to use more of my weapons.”I should be able to kick. I should be able to grapple. Shouldn’t that be fair? … Say it to him. Is he a man or a mouse? Is Manny a man or a mouse?”

Manny Pacquiao allegedly owes Conor McGregor $8 million

During their ongoing legal battle, boxing legend Manny Pacquiao received a sharp callout from Conor McGregor recently. At the ‘The Day of Reckoning’ boxing event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the Irishman captivated the audience saying, “How about me vs. Manny here in Saudi? Manny already owes me $8 million via the court of law. He was signed to my management company and didn’t honor his deal. So fight at my weight and I’ll square that bill away.”

This heated exchange comes after a court battle that McGregor filed earlier this year, claiming that Pacquiao owed him $8 million because their respective promotions had a botched two-fight deal. During the Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou boxing match in Riyadh, McGregor expressed his annoyance over a $8 million settlement dispute, intensifying the long-running rivalry between the two sports legends.

Their past includes a 2021 boxing match that was called off because of tense feelings with McGregor’s management company, Paradigm Sports, which went on to defeat Pacquiao in court. Paradigm Sports claimed that Manny Pacquiao signed a contract with them while lying about an existing management agreement, and they are suing for damages exceeding $20 million. According to reports, Paradigm Sports was awarded $5.1 million in damages by the jury in this case.


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