What happened between Floyd Mayweather Jr and 50 cent? exploring story behind their dispute

Floyd Mayweather Jr and 50 Cent had been friends for many years and were each other’s best buddies. However, the rhythm of their mutual equation got changed and they ended up disliking even the shadow of the opposite one.

So, it is time to see how these friends turned into foes and explore the underlying reasons behind their rivalry.

Finally, Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent choose to end their Feud

What happened between Floyd Mayweather Jr and 50 Cent?

From super featherweight to light middleweight, with 15 world Championships, Floyd Mayweather still holds onto the place of an unbreakable boxing champion who rocked his ring career from 1996 to 2017. He enjoyed a strong bond with 50 Cent for a long time.

The real name of 50 Cent is Curtis James Jackson III and he is an American rapper, TV personality, and businessperson.

Against the charges of domestic violence, the former boxer had to pay a visit to the prison. His love partner Josie accused him of physically assaulting her multiple times in front of their children. This led to Floyd’s jail for 90 days which was later reduced to 60. However, after the case was filed, many women broke their silence on the boxer’s abusive behavior toward them.

During this time when his friend was going through a troublesome time, 50 Cent vented out his anger saying that he owes money to him. Upon hearing this allegation, Fighter of the Decade broke up his mutual connection with his former friend, and post-release, he was seen insulting 50 during various interviews.

The rapper too left no chance underutilized to defame his fighter friend whenever he found any opportunity to do so. And this is how the feud got its momentum and became stronger with time.

These former friends can’t bear each other’s presence. Perhaps, 50 Cent’s turning back toward his friend when he was in great danger, left an unerasable mark in Floyd’s heart which is not likely to see a ray of hope in terms of reconciliation any time soon. Share your ideas on their long-standing beef in the comment section below.

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