What happened to Michael Irvin’s $100 million lawsuit against Marriott? Looking at ex-Cowboy’s expected return to NFL

Back in his day Michael Irvin had been among the most sensational WRs in the league. Widely regarded as one of the best players in his position, Irvin dazzled the NFL fans left and right.

Former NFL player Michael Irvin spent his best years in the NFL playing for the Dallas Cowboys. Unfortunately, his journey in the NFL came to an end in May 2000 as he suffered from a spine injury. Since then, the former WR has worked as a TV analyst, but an alleged sexual misconduct charge put things on the halt for the three-times Super Bowl champion.

Did Michael Irvin settle with Mariott? 

Michael Irvin was lately charged with a sexual misconduct allegation by a female employee of Marriott International, a hotel and hospitality services providing firm in the US. Irvin was immediately removed from “NFL Network’ following the incident. He, however, was quick to file a $100 lawsuit against Marriott, which the former NFL professional has seemingly won.

Given the grounds for the charges against Irvin were baseless, the lawsuit ended up benefiting him instead.

“Like I’m going to hunt her down, kidnap somebody, kill somebody?” Irvin spoke on the allegations pointed at him.

Safe to say, Irvin has agreed to a settlement with Mariott, and no criminal charges were filed against him.

Irvin had filed a $100 million lawsuit against Mariott International along with six others for defamation and tortious interference in a business relationship as a female employee accused the former Wide Receiver of making inappropriate remarks in an Arizona hotel lobby, in February. 

As a result, he was removed from the NFL Network’s Super Bowl coverage. 

Following this, Michael Irvin will make his much-anticipating return to the NFL network. 

Michael Irvin expected to return to the NFL Network

After successfully settling the defamation lawsuit against Mariott, Irvin is expected to return to NFL Network, just in time for NFL season to kick in. 

“Irvin is anticipated to make his NFL network debut on Sunday Morning,” the above source stated. 

The Dallas Cowboys drafted Irvin with their first-round pick. Irvin went to be nominated for five Pro Bowls in a row from 1991-95 owing to his stellar performances. He won three Super Bowl titles with the franchise and was a force to reckon during his time in the league. Eventually, Irvin was diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis and had to retire in May 2000.

Now a warm welcome awaits Michael Irvin as he makes his return to the NFL Network. What are your thoughts on the entire fiasco? Share your take with us below.

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