Who is Eric Mavachev locked in legal battle with Jason Terry over $25000 Rolex watch?

Eric Mavachev, also known as ‘Eric Mavani,’ has become embroiled in a legal dispute with none other than Utah Jazz assistant coach Jason Terry over a valuable Rolex watch worth $25,000. Jason was a former Dallas Mavericks point guard.

This unexpected clash between Eric and Jason Terry has captured the attention of basketball fans and enthusiasts. Both men are highly respected in their respective trades. The big question within the basketball community is what led to this alleged case between a popular businessman and a former NBA star.

Jazz assistant coach Jason Terry sued over $25k Rolex timepiece

The Jazz assistant coach, Jason Terry, is in hot water. New York jeweler Eric Mavachev has filed a lawsuit against the Mavericks great Terry for allegedly refusing to pay for a $25,000 Rolex watch, according to the New York Post’s Priscilla DeGregory.

Mavachev’s attorney, Mark Shirian, claims that Jason Terry rented the diamond-encrusted watch to attend an event at a Las Vegas nightclub during the NBA Summer League. Terry grew fond of the watch and preferred to buy it from Mavachev.

Eric Mavachev

According to court documents, on July 10, Terry texted Mavachev requesting his bank account details. Reports indicate that the retired Mavericks guard promised the jeweler that he would wire the money three days later.

Unfortunately, Terry never fulfilled his promise to Mavachev. The NBA Central tweeted about Jason Terry’s accusation of refusing to pay for a $25,000 Rolex he rented from jeweler Eric Mavachev:

‘The Jet’ is accused of refusing to pay for a $25,000 Rolex watch that he rented. Terry rented the 23.5-carat stainless steel customized timepiece from prolific New York jeweler Mavachev, who professionally goes by Eric and is nicknamed ‘Eric Da Jeweler,’ according to a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit filed on Monday.

The lawsuit filed by Mavachev states that Terry ‘has not paid the plaintiff the total amount of $25,000.00, which is the agreed-upon value of the Rolex watch, and has not returned the Rolex watch to the plaintiff.’

Mavachev and his lawyer gave Jason a 30-day period to make the payment, but unfortunately, he did not comply. Consequently, they filed a breach of contract action.

Who is Eric Mavachev AKA Eric Mavani? Explained

Eric is a first-generation jeweler who began his jewelry business at the age of 16. Since a young age, Eric has been passionate about the industry and has grown to become well-known and prominent. He specializes in crafting special and unique pieces for celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Lil Baby, and Tyga.

Eric Mavachev

His store is located in the heart of NYC’s Diamond District, and visits are by appointment only, giving it an exclusive feel. Eric crafts various types of jewelry and watches, and his work has been showcased at major events like the Grammys.

The story isn’t sitting well with the NBA family, considering the personalities involved in this scandal. While Eric seeks to recover his money, fans are hoping for a sense of integrity within the NBA.

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