How much Joe Burrow earns at Bengals who is set for mammoth NFL contract from the Cincinnati franchise?

Joe Burrow suffered a calf strain that led to him missing the entire preseason. The quarterback is healthy now and can play in the regular season. However, now that he is back the focus is shifted on his contract.

This offseason, many quarterbacks signed multi-year deals with their teams but Burrow who is entering the final year of his contract with the Bengals didn’t sign any such deal. Therefore, there is still uncertainty about his contract situation with the Bengals.

Joe Burrow reportedly set for whopping Bengals contract

According to recent reports, the long-awaited long-term contract between the Bengals and Joe Burrow is expected to get finalized within a few days. The quarterback is currently discussing a contract extension with the team, and they are near to signing the contract. 

Reportedly, this contract will make Burrow one of the highest-paid players in NFL history. 

There was a lot of confusion about whether Burrow would play with the Bengals in the regular season or not. But it seems like the Bengals are adamant to keep him. There are chances that they’ll sign a new deal with Joe Burrow before the regular season starts. So, he can play in the first game against the Cleveland Browns.

While there is no information about the details of the contract, most probably he’ll sign a four-year contract with the team which will keep him in Bengals for the next six seasons. 

Joe Burrow

One possibility is that the team might offer him a Franchise Tag and sign him for one year. This will give both parties enough time to think about the contract and make a decision that is good for both. But the higher chances are that they’ll sign a new contract within this week so Joe Burrow can play in the regular season.

Burrow’s Bengals contract

The Cincinnati Bengals signed Joe Burrow in 2022. He was the second-round pick of the team. At that time the quarterback signed a four-year deal worth $36,190,137. It also included a $23,880,100 signing bonus and $36,190,137 guaranteed money.

Burrow got an average annual salary of around $9 million. Now, the quarterback is entering the fourth and final years of his contract therefore the anticipation for his new contract is high. This season he is expected to earn $11.5 million under this contract. 

Joe Burrow

But if he’ll sign a new contract, he’ll expectedly become one of the highest-paid players in the league. Let’s wait and watch whether the Bengals will finally sign Joe Burrow in a new contract before the regular season starts or he’ll continue with his current contract.

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