Why doesn’t Lamar Jackson have an agent? Exploring Ravens’ QB’s unconventional move

Lamar Jackson is a star player of the Baltimore Ravens who is showcasing his skills since his rookie days. As a starting quarterback of 21 years, he became the youngest player in NFL history to start a playoff game.

So far, his ravishing career path offered him an MVP, First-Team All-Pro, and two times Pro Bowl to name a few. This quarterback at the age of 26 has taken a bold move to negotiate his contract without the help of a sports agent.

So, let’s find out more of the story regarding why Lamar made such a move of not hiring an agent.

Why doesn’t Lamar Jackson have an agent?

Sports agents the representatives of athletes are an integral part of any sports as they are concerned with taking part in various negotiations including contracts, endorsements deal, advertisement deals, monetary matters, and more.

Their roles made them a consistent part of the sports industry. They possess specialized knowledge to carry out their duties proficiently. However, in recent times, some exceptions are observed among players to play the role of an agent by themselves; take Lamar Jackson for example.

Undoubtedly, the former Louisville player has a brave heart that helped him overcome many obstacles since his debut in the stressful NFL era. And now, once again, he is depending on that to take much pressure on his own shoulder as Lamar decided to be his own agent to handle the gigantic $200 million deal.

The reason why he took such a decision is entirely financial. By taking an agent to get the deal, he will have to pay almost 1 to 3 percent of his income. And Lamar considers that to be a huge amount to waste on a third party. So the quarterback is depending on his wit to get him through the process and keep the last penny to himself.

But in this courageous move, Lamar Jackson isn’t alone as he has a strong support system coming from his trusted advisers. And one of the prominent faces of the advisers is his mother Felicia Jones. The lady is acting as an agent on behalf of his son while dealing with the NFLPA.

While some are appreciating Lamar’s decision to represent him, others are expressing their concerns over the result of such a move.

Personnel from a leading agents association puts the whole situation in this way, “ When you do this for a living you have to follow certain protocols and diplomacy and, I hate to say it, but it’s true, you have to worry about future business with the team.”

Of course, pros and cons are associated with every step we make, so it remains to be seen what results Lamar Jackson’s move brings in the future.

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