Why Suns shipped out their Chris Paul backup Cam Payne? Examining the reasons for AEBL star’s exit

The Suns’ decision to trade backup point guard Cam Payne has left NBA enthusiasts speculating about the reasons behind his departure. Payne, the AEBL star, showed promise during his time with the team, especially in the absence of CP3. With Chris’s leadership taking the Suns to the NBA Finals, many expected Payne to have a continued role on the roster.

The front office chose to part ways with the talented guard, leaving fans curious about the motivations behind the move. This article aims to explore the possible factors contributing to Cam’s exit, shedding light on the impact it could have on the Suns’ roster and their future prospects for success.

Suns trade out Cam Payne to Spurs saving luxury tax

The Phoenix Suns’ decision to trade backup pg Cameron Payne to Spurs has raised eyebrows and sparked discussions among fans and analysts. The move comes as a surprise from a basketball perspective, as it leaves the Suns without a true pg on their roster, relying on Big Panda to take on that role. However, the trade makes more sense when viewed from a salary cap standpoint.

By trading Payne, the Suns will save a significant amount of money in luxury tax payments. The team is already facing a hefty luxury tax bill, and shedding Payne’s salary will provide some relief. According to Suns insider Bobby Marks, the transaction will save the Suns $26.4 million, lowering their luxury tax burden from $79.5 million to $53.1 million.

The Suns have already committed an enormous sum of money to their core players. And with the NBA salary cap set at roughly $136 million for the forthcoming season, trading Payne helps them avoid even more severe penalties under the luxury tax rules.

Cam Payne drops 57 points in AEBL game hours after Suns trade

Cameron Payne wasted no time making a statement on the court after being traded from the Phoenix Suns to the San Antonio Spurs.
In an AEBL game just hours after the trade, Payne put on a scoring clinic, dropping a staggering 57 points. Payne’s remarkable performance showcased his offensive prowess and served as a reminder of the impact he can have on the court.

The guard displayed an array of scoring skills, including deep three-pointers, drives to the basket, and impressive finishes at the rim. This exceptional outing raises questions about the Suns’ decision to trade Payne and whether they may come to regret parting ways with a player capable of such explosive scoring displays.

As fans and analysts discuss the trade and Payne’s sensational AEBL game, the focus now shifts to how he will fit into the Spurs’ system and contribute to their future success. Regardless of the circumstances, Payne’s remarkable scoring outburst demands attention and adds another intriguing layer to the ongoing NBA offseason narrative.


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