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“You’re in a world of f****** savages” UFC star Matt Brown sends stern warning to Jake Paul after he signs contract with PFL

Jake Paul Matt Brown UFC PFL 2023

The Combat Sports universe didn’t bat much of an eye when the likes of Jake and Logan Paul started dabbling in boxing. A few years have gone by and now Jake Paul is unbeaten at boxing and also has bought a star in PFL. Matt Brown shares his take on Jake Paul as he looks to become an MMA fighter.

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Matt Brown started off by saying, “When Jake Paul comes to MMA, I think one thing he’s going to discover is these guys that he’s fought in these so-called boxing matches, for one, he fought all older guys. “I’m not going to call them washed up, but they weren’t boxers. They were older.”

“These MMA guys, I know a lot of MMA fighters, even ones that aren’t good, and they’re f****** lions. They’re starving blood-hungry lions. It’s a different beast. There are some beast boxers, too, but generally, they’re athletes playing a skill game. When you get into MMA fighters, these guys are just savage, f****** beasts,” he further added.

Is Matt Brown right about Jake Paul?

The allegations of Jake Paul beating up mostly inexperienced boxers or washed-out fighters is very true. And Jake hasn’t knocked out his opponents in one round either. If these combatants can hold their own to such a degree against the ‘Problem Child,’ then we should wait for the Tommy Fury fight to know for sure or get an idea.

Another thing we need to consider is how the fights were set up! The negotiations were ‘allegedly’ done in such a manner that Paul would get some advantages. Woodley and Silva didn’t really have much left to prove as fighters and were probably fighting just for a good paycheck.

The rumors about boxing being rigged are also nothing new but Tommy Fury is a slightly different case. Tyson Fury’s reputation could be at stake here and ‘TNT’ will look to shut off Jake come February 26th.


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