MLB Injury Update: Kurt Suzuki Is Out of Game Against Toronto Blue Jays Due to Neck Contusion

Kurt Suzuki

The Los Angeles Angels catcher Kurt Suzuki suffered a neck contusion when he was hit by a ball during warm ups between innings on Saturday night. The Angels catcher Suzuki left the game against the Toronto Blue Jays on when he was hit in the neck by a pitch from starter Michael Lorenzen by an … Read more


MLB fans blast Aroldis Chapman after jaw-dropping collision with umpire in Royals vs Blue Jays game

In a jaw-dropping moment during a recent game between the Kansas City Royals and the Toronto Blue Jays, pitcher Aroldis Chapman collided with umpire Vic Carapazza while attempting to avoid a collision with the first baseman. The incident left fans stunned and outraged, with many taking to social media to express their frustration and disappointment … Read more

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Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright starts farewell tour with heartwarming gesture for Jays P Erik Swanson

Adam Wainwright

As the sun is about to set on the extraordinary career of St. Louis Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright, the renowned pitcher is setting off on his farewell tour, leaving a heartwarming impression on fans and fellow players alike. His recent gesture toward Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Erik Swanson is a testament to the profound impact … Read more


Reliever Chad Green agrees to join Blue Jays in $8.5M 2-year deal

Reliever Chad Green

The Toronto Blue Jays have taken a big step in their bullpen improvement by signing a two-year deal with right-hander Chad Green. The agreement, worth $8.5 million, features a unique contract structure that provides both sides with some degree of flexibility and security. However, for now, the focus is on getting Green back on the … Read more


Family man Kirk Cousins grabs attention with last-minute decision in Twins win

Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins

Via Yahoo Sports

The football quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, Kirk Cousins, has recently made waves around the media headlines. Since 2018, Cousins has been the Vikings’ starting quarterback. Kirk aspires to take the group to the postseason for the second time in a row and is looking to uphold consistent performances for his team. An NFL star … Read more

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Fans see massive $1 million loss following Aaron Judge breaks the single-season home run record

On Wednesday, the New York Yankees star Aaron Judge struck his 61st home run of the season while playing against the Toronto Blue Jays. The New York Yankees star smacked it after being scoreless innings in his past seven Major League Baseball games. Everyone wanted to catch the ball since it was a record-breaking home … Read more


Why did Rangers fire Chris Woodward? Operations President drops the bombshell reason for his dismissal

After more than three seasons as manager, the Texas Rangers fired Chris Woodward on Monday. Woodward had the Rangers on track for 72 victories in 2022, which is certainly below their expectations after they signed top free agents Corey Seager and Marcus Semien. Additionally, he only won 42.4 percent of the games he managed. This … Read more

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Ranking the Top 10 Most Popular Sports in Canada

Most Popular Sports in Canada

Canada is a sports enthusiast nation. Whether it is professional or amateur sports, Canadians always find interest in any kind of sport. That is why the study found that around 77% of Canadians, which is more than three-quarters of the population, follow professional sports. Usually, Canadian sports fans are more educated than any other sports-loving … Read more


Top 10 Best Defensive Catchers of All Time in MLB

Best defensive catchers of all time

Catchers are a unique set of players in baseball. They are required to be some of the smartest and most agile players on the field, and though they get the number 2 position in the scorecard, they certainly deserve the Numero Uno position at any given time. Why is that? A catcher leads the spirit … Read more

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