Andrew Tate confronts uncertain future with bail denial pushing back his jail release date

Controversial influencer Andrew Tate can not seem to find a space to breathe. Much to his despair, he is now forced to see the other side of the coin, in a rather harsh manner. In the recent turn of events, the social media influencer’s last application for bail has been rejected.

This is the fifth time his request for bail has been denied since his detention in December, prolonging his detention period. Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate were taken into custody on multiple charges.

Their current detention period dates to 29 march. Each of their sessions is 30 days long. However, courts have the jurisdiction to grant up to 180 days of detention, if needed to carry on with the investigation.

Why was Andrew Tate detained?

The Tate brothers, along with their two Romanian associates were detained by Romanian police. They were imprisoned to investigate their involvement in organized crime, running prostitution rings, human trafficking, and rape. As of now, they have not been formally charged yet.

One of the spokespersons of the Tate brothers has come out explaining the situation as a travesty. They will further appeal against the decision as they find the entire fiasco disappointing.

The ‘Top G’ was and still is one of the most talked about celebrities on the internet. The former kickboxer racked up a massive fan base, mostly comprising young males. The controversial social media star was hiding in Romania until the police got their hands on him.

Romanian courts explain why Andrew Tate can not be granted bail for now

Since then Andrew Tate has appealed for bail citing different reasons. He was reportedly taken to hospital earlier, in speculation of cancer, which he later denied. However a Romanian broadcaster TVR has reported that Tate filed for bail for illness. In that appeal, he claimed that the detention was deteriorating his health, and therefore his life was at stake.

On the other hand, Romanian courts have repeatedly obstructed his claims to his claimed justice. The man who urged his male compatriots to break out of “the matrix” claimed that all of these were part of a larger “political conspiracy” against him.

On the contrary, Romanian courts elucidated their reasons for not granting bail requests. They will not comply with the request because the Tate brothers pose the threat of evading the investigation process. Furthermore, the court is not willing to take the risk of them leaving and taking refuge in countries that ” do not allow extradition.”

A report disclosed in January, consisting of several wiretaps, suggested that Andrew attempted to bribe and solicit Romanian lawmakers; and further went on to use intimidation tactics on a number of alleged victims.

As the reports are coming in, things are aggravating for Andrew. On the flip side, his popularity and support among his followers have not diminished as they are raising their voices against his detention.


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