Andrew Tate drops bombshell truth on his health after rumors of lung cancer

The Tate brothers are reportedly having a rough time in captivity. And a new bombshell report suggests that Andrew Tate was rushed to the hospital. On March 10th, ‘Top G’ was seen being escorted by the Romanian police to the hospital which had fans and well-wishers worried. However, one of his spokespersons later clarified the issue.

The main event leading to this rumor saw a spokesperson come forward with updates on Andrew Tate’s health. He suggested that the Tate brothers were kept under insufferable conditions. That spokesperson also mentioned that ‘Cobra’ had a serious physical concern before his arrest. Andrew needed medical attention for that as the condition deteriorated.

How did the rumors of Andrew Tate’s lung cancer spread?

Before that statement, rumor broke out that Andrew had lung cancer. “The Internet’s Top G” was quick to deny having any sort of cardiovascular problems, utterly refuting such a statement. However, a number of medical reports published after his imprisonment suggested otherwise and supported the purported speculation, later on, confirmed by the manager.

The sudden visit to the hospital has reignited the rumor that the older Tate might have been suffering from lung cancer. The controversial internet persona has flaunted smoking expensive cigars in his Instagram glory days. It wouldn’t be implausible if he really is suffering from lung cancer.

What did Andrew Tate have to say about the rumors?

To address this issue, the aforementioned spokesperson acknowledged that Andrew was taken to the hospital, albeit for just another regular medical visit, which he used to have even before going to jail. Later on, ‘Top G’ tweeted himself, to clear up rumors circulating about his cancer.

The famous influencer claimed that he had absolutely “zero damage” to his lungs from smoking. He bragged about a lung capacity of eight liters, and later on drew a comparison with himself to seasoned Olympic athletes, in terms of cardiovascular strength.

Contrary to the prior reports, Romanian police released a new medical report after Tate’s statement. The report suggested that Andrew did not in fact, have any sort of cancer. The timing of the release of this document might make one wonder whether there is a greater conspiracy involved or not.

The condition of the Tate brothers, in any case, is mostly unknown. The brothers were captured from their residence in Romania, with multiple charges filed against their names. After being captured on December 29, the Tate brothers are probably having the roughest time, regardless of the speculated reports.


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