Bellator president gives heartbreaking update on Goiti Yamauchi after sustaining horrific knee injury vs Michael Page

The fight between Michael Page and Goiti Yamauchi left the audience in utter disbelief as the Brazilian suffered a horrific knee injury during the fight. A day after the fight, shocking new information on the knee injury is disclosed by the President of Bellator, Scott Coker.

A welterweight battle between Page and Yamauchi occurred at the main event of Bellator 292, which took place on Friday night at the SAP Center in San Jose, California. The British fighter knocked Yamauchi in just the first round of the bout with a lightning bolt-like leg kick.

At the twenty-sixth second of the bout, Venom delivered a vicious kick directly to Yamauchi’s knee. The Brazilian MMA fighter did not see the blow coming and went down immediately as a result. Page (21-2-0) went back on the winning track with that easy victory against the 30-year-old fighter. 

What is the new update on Goiti Yamauchi’s knee injury?

Bellator President Scott Coker later disclosed the seriousness of the injury during the post-fight news conference. According to Scott the injury is quite serious and it is going to take time to heal.

“Based on the X-ray, it’s a patella tendon rupture. So that sounds very painful.” said Coker.

Due to the severity of Yamauchi’s injury, emergency surgery is required. Consequently, it is difficult to say how long the Bellator fighter ranked fifth in the welterweight division will be required to remain outside of the octagon. In a YouTube video, orthopedic surgeon Dr. David Abbasi highlighted the severity of the patient’s injury as well.

”There seems to be a pattern here. MVP causes serious damage to skeletons. This gap in the knee is a patella fracture. This needs to be brought back together & fixed surgically (screws & sutures) to allow him to extend knee again.” said Abbasi.

What did Michael Page say about the injury of Goiti Yamauchi?

The second-ranked Bellator welterweight fighter was similarly taken aback by the extent of his opponent’s knee injury. Afterwards, in an interview with the MMA Junkie, Page discussed his shock at the brutal knockdown he had just inflicted.

“I saw him go down and I just thought, I don’t know — nerve [damage] or whatever. But when I saw him grasp his leg, I was like, ‘He’s not getting back up.’ I didn’t see the lump [in his kneecap] until I looked up at the screen. I’m in my celebrating element, and then I actually looked up to see what it was, and it kind of took the energy out of me.” said Page.

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