Bucs’ HC Todd Bowles comments on Aaron Rodgers-Jets talks following Tom Brady’s experience

As the Jets are in talks to potentially bring on Aaron Rodgers, many are curious to know how Bowles’ experience with Tom Brady may shape the team’s decisions. Recently, Bowles spoke out about the process of integrating a future Hall of Fame quarterback into a new team. He provided the insight into how the Jets might handle the Rodgers situation.

Todd Bowles has firsthand experience of what happens when a future Hall of Fame quarterback joins a new team. As the defensive coordinator for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers when Tom Brady joined in 2020, Bowles witnessed how the team integrated Brady’s skill set into their existing system to win the Super Bowl. 

Brady did offer suggestions for skill positions. But Bowles emphasized that the coach and general manager ultimately make the personnel decisions. Bowles acknowledged that it was a collaborative effort to help Brady be successful while still running the team’s system.

Now, with Aaron Rodgers potentially joining the New York Jets, Bowles sees a similar situation unfolding.

Tom Brady

While Rodgers has already given suggestions for players he’d like to play with, Bowles emphasizes that the coach and general manager still have the final say.

In terms of the offense, Rodgers will have an advantage over Brady as Jets offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett worked with Rodgers in Green Bay. 

What did Bowles say about Zach following his Tom Brady experience?

Tom Brady

Bowles notes that coaching a young quarterback like Zach Wilson is different from coaching an established player like Rodgers. Because the focus is on developing the former’s skills while the latter’s skill set is already established. 

“From an experience standpoint, it’s different,” Bowles said. “You have an established guy who can run it with his eyes closed and the work ethic is there. When you have a young guy, you have to bring them along to learn the system and learn the NFL game. I think they’re two different ways of teaching that. You’re still trying to find out about a young guy. An old guy, you know what he can do. It’s just a matter of collaborating and doing the things you want to do along with the things he wants to do.”

As the Jets explore the possibility of bringing on Aaron Rodgers, they have the benefit of learning from Todd Bowles’ experience with Tom Brady in Tampa Bay. Bowles acknowledges that a collaborative approach is key to integrating a new quarterback into a team’s existing system. 

But he also emphasizes the importance of the coach and general manager making personnel decisions. It remains to be seen how the Rodgers situation will unfold. But with Bowles on board, the Jets have a coach who has been through this process before and can help guide the team toward success.

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