Cam Newton’s girlfriend jokes about being his third baby mother and having his sixth child: “$100M ni*** put pressure on you”

The free-agent football star Cam Newton has transitioned from the NFL spotlight to focus on his expansive family. He is now using this time to share insights about the league and expand his family.

Amidst a life that includes multiple children from various relationships, Newton’s current girlfriend recently shared joyous news in a lighthearted, comedic manner. The 34-year-old navigates post-football endeavors, showcasing a commitment to fatherhood and trying to find his way back into the NFL.

Cam Newton’s girlfriend jokes about his being third baby mother

Jasmin Brown, also known as “Watch Jazzy,” is the girlfriend of free-agent football star Cam Newton. During a stand-up show in North Carolina, she joked about being Cam Newton’s third baby mama and expecting his sixth child.

She quipped, “I’m the third one, and this is his 6th child.”

In response to doubters, she humorously said, “A lot of women say it couldn’t have been them, yeah until a rich nigga put that pressure on you! A $100M nigga put pressure on you, you don’t know what you would do,” referencing Cam Newton’s wealth and influence.

Although this confession was for comedy purposes, Brown is pregnant with the free-agent QB’s sixth child. She officially announced her pregnancy through her comedy tour titled “Third Times a Charm Tour,” seemingly aimed at addressing and controlling the narrative around being the third woman to have a child with Cam Newton.

How many kids does Cam Newton have?

Cam Newton has seven children from different relationships. Five children are with his ex-girlfriend Kia Proctor, including sons Chosen Sebastian, Camidas, and Cashmeres, and daughters Sovereign-Dior and Shakira. He considers Proctor’s eldest child as his own.

The free agent QB and Proctor welcomed their first child in 2015 and three more between 2017 and 2019. They were together from 2013 to 2020, splitting in January 2020 after revelations of Newton fathering a secret child with La Reina Shaw.

The 34-year-old emphasized the importance of being a father beyond biological ties, stating, “A Daddy isn’t defined as the man who makes the child, but rather, a MAN who extends his hands and time to help with the child’s raising.”

Cam Newton
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Cam Newton also has two children with his ex-girlfriend La Reina Shaw, including son Caesar Lorenzo and Shaw’s son Jaden from a previous relationship, whom Newton considers his own.

In short, Newton has seven children, five of his own and two from his girlfriend’s previous partners. His current girlfriend, Jasmin Brown is currently expecting his sixth child, making it Newton’s eighth overall. Although the QB cannot find his way back to the NFL because of his fashion choices, he is using this time to become a wonderful father of eight children.

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