Canelo Alvarez vs David Benavidez: ‘Mexican Monster’ promoter sends official contact to Eddy Reynoso

The promoter for “Mexican Monster” Canelo Alvarez has launched a counterattack by making a sizable offer to Canelo’s manager and trainer, Eddy Reynoso, in an exciting turn to the continuing story between Canelo Alvarez and David Benavidez.

Sampson Lewkowicz, Benavidez’s promoter, expressed his disdain towards Reynoso’s dismissive remarks, stating that he had indeed dispatched the offer on May 29th. While the offer may appear to be a bold move, it is likely futile, as Canelo has his sights set on a rematch with WBA light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol in September.

Canelo Alvarez

Who has the best boxing resume, Canelo Alvarez or David Benavidez?

It’s crucial to acknowledge the impressive accomplishments of both boxers while contrasting their respective résumés. However, Canelo Alvarez, with his extensive career and numerous world titles across multiple weight divisions, holds the edge in terms of overall resume. Over his prolonged career, Canelo Alvarez indeed has faced a diverse group of opponents. This includes top boxers like Miguel Cotto, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Sergey Kovalev, and Gennady Golovkin.

His significant triumphs over these well-known opponents have certainly cemented his place amongst the top competitors in the sport. Canelo’s ability to consistently challenge himself against top-tier opposition and emerge victorious has played a significant role in establishing his boxing legacy. On the other hand, David Benavidez has demonstrated tremendous promise and potential despite being younger and less skilled than Canelo. Benavidez has faced notable contenders like Ronald Gavril and Anthony Dirrell, demonstrating his ability to perform at a high level. However, his resume, while impressive, is still developing compared to that of Canelo.

Will Canelo Alvarez snub fight with Dmitry Bivol and accept David Benavidez’s proposal?

Benavidez is in a vulnerable situation without the WBC’s help because he lacks the leverage he needs to get the Canelo bout. The pressure to make this high-stakes encounter intensifies with each passing day that Canelo remains at super middleweight.

If the Mexican superstar harbors reservations about facing Benavidez, he may be better off vacating his titles and permanently moving up to the 175-pound division. Moreover, the rising threat of David Morrell, the WBA champion, adds another layer of complexity to Canelo’s decision-making. Morrell’s undeniable talent and the unfavorable stylistic matchup could potentially prompt the WBA to order a showdown with Canelo, forcing him into a difficult predicament.

While David Benavidez’s promoter attempts to make waves with a lucrative offer, the likelihood of an immediate clash with Canelo Alvarez appears slim. The Mexican champion’s focus on Dmitry Bivol and the uncertainties surrounding the WBC’s involvement creates a challenging landscape for Benavidez’s aspirations. With the enigmatic and ever-evolving world of boxing, only time will reveal the path Canelo ultimately chooses.

The second installment of this gripping narrative, which promises high-stakes drama and nonstop action within the squared circle, is widely anticipated by the sport’s fans and analysts.

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