Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes’ incredible Super Bowl LVII throw astounded NFL HOF Kurt Warner

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs celebrated their second Super Bowl victory in four years. After being selected the NFL MVP for the 2022 regular season, Mahomes was named Super Bowl MVP, adding another title to his resume. Mahomes’s MVP award and Super Bowl championship this season have additional significance because he became the first quarterback since Kurt Warner to win MVP and the Super Bowl in the same season. The cherry on top, Mahomes got some appreciation from the veteran Kurt Warner for an amazing pass.

In the first half of Super Bowl LVII, Patrick Mahomes managed to score just seven points with his lauded offense. Only 182 passing yards were his final total, significantly less than his postseason average of 291.7 passing yards per game. After his second straight failed offensive drive, he walked into the interval.

The Chiefs’ first three drives in the second half? Touchdown. Touchdown. Touchdown.

In that second half, Mahomes was almost flawless, completing 13 of 14 throws for two touchdowns and no interceptions. Even though he was dead-on with his passes, Mahomes’ biggest play was a 26-yard scramble that he completed while having a sprained ankle.

One pass grabbed the attention of many including the two-time MVP and Super Bowl champion Warner. He was astounded by how Mahomes completed the pass.

Warner can’t just have enough of it and he has even included it in a two-part YouTube video series. “I want to show you this from the end zone. I want you to watch the head of Patrick Mahomes. Look at his head, his head is facing this way while he’s trying to get away from the defender right here, Davis right there.”

He further wondered, “You guys tell me: how does he see Travis Kelce coming across the field here where his eyes don’t turn until right there? I mean, this is the kind of stuff that Patrick Mahomes does that you just sit there and shake your head like I don’t even know how stuff like this as possible.”

Mahomes’ quick success may be the most exciting element of his career. The 27-year-old quarterback has won roughly 80% of his regular season and postseason games in his first five seasons as a starter. He has also hosted five straight AFC Championship games, thrown for nearly 25,000 yards and 192 touchdowns to 49 interceptions, won two regular season MVP awards, and been named Super Bowl MVP in each of his two Super Bowl victories.

No quarterback has come close to the aforementioned feats in his first five seasons. He is without a doubt the finest player in the NFL, and the only players he hasn’t surpassed are Hall of Famers like Peyton Manning, Joe Montana, and Tom Brady. It’s a great privilege for football fans to see him play.


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