Closer contract inspection reveals Odel Beckham Jr. costing Ravens $428,000 per catch this season

Odel Beckham Jr., a Super Bowl champion with the Los Angeles Rams, stands as a prominent figure in the NFL, celebrated not only for his exceptional football skills but also for the magnetic charisma that consistently keeps him in the spotlight. After a hiatus in the 2022 season, Beckham made an impactful comeback by joining the Baltimore Ravens in 2023. 

His one-year deal with the team raised eyebrows, and a closer look at the contract details reveals the substantial amount he earned per catch during the season. 

Contract details indicate Odel Beckham Jr. earning $428K per catch this season

Ravens WR Odel Beckham Jr. signed a lucrative one-year deal with the team worth $15 million. It included a signing bonus of $13,835,000. Additionally, it was a fully guaranteed contract, which meant he would get the full amount. 

The Baltimore Ravens WR is a seasoned player with notable statistics and rankings for the 2023 NFL season and he has been paid accordingly. 

A closer look at his contract reveals that the WR earned $428K per catch. In the 14 games he played, the WR scored 35 catches and for each catch, he earned the lucrative amount of $428,000. 

This season, Odel Beckham Jr. proved his worth with exceptional performance, with 82 receptions, 565 receiving yards, 3 touchdowns, and 35 catches. The overall rating of the WR was 82 in the league for 2023. 

However, now the WR’s contract is about to end and the Ravens have set a final date to decide the future of Odel Beckham Jr. with the team.

Ravens set date on decision for Odel Beckham Jr.’s future

The Baltimore Ravens made some changes to the contract of Odel Beckham Jr. and the team has also set a date to decide the future of Beckham and whether he will continue with the Ravens or not. 

Ravens cap analyst Brian McFarland revealed that the team has decided to remove future void years from the WR’s contract. The team gave Odel Beckham a one-year, $15 million contract through which he earned an extra $1 million, reaching incentives for contributions including receiving yards, receptions, and receiving touchdowns. 

The deal was signed with the condition that if the WR does not sign a contract extension, that will create $11.068 million in dead money for the Ravens in 2024 and Beckham would become a free agent. 

By restructuring the contract, removing future void years, and using the post-June 1st designation to prorate dead money, the Ravens are essentially manipulating the salary cap to free up cap space for the 2024 season. This move will allow the team to create a salary cap to sign new players or resign existing ones.

Odel Beckham Jr.
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The team has decided that no cap space will be opened until June, but future projections don’t accelerate until the following year. After these changes, the team will have $2.767 million in 2024 and $8.301 million in 2025 if no extension is reached.

There can be two possible scenarios: the WR agrees to an extension or the team will release Beckham with a post-June 1st designation and he would become a free agent early. The Ravens now have until March 14, the second day of the new league year, to make a final decision.

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