Cowboys’ Micah Parsons causes NFL fans to make some noise following his fake quote lure

The NFL is no stranger to controversy, and a recent social media interaction has caused quite a stir among fans. Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons found himself in the middle of a social media firestorm after commenting on a fake quote attributed to Philadelphia Eagles running back D’Andre Swift.

It all started when Swift announced he would wear the number 0 for the Eagles, taking advantage of the new NFL rule that allows players to choose any number they like. A fake reporter then posted a quote falsely attributed to Swift, claiming he chose the number because it represents the number of times the Dallas Cowboys have been to the NFC Championship Game since he was born.

Parsons, who was not aware of the fake quote, responded to Swift’s tweet with a comment that some fans perceived as trash talk. He insinuated that Swift was starting the trash talk a little too early by saying that he had “just pulled up on the block.”

How are fans reacting to this fake quote lure of Micah Parsons?

Micah Parsons

This interaction caused an uproar on social media, with fans taking sides and offering their opinions on the matter. Some fans found the situation humorous, with one even declaring that Parsons had won Twitter that day.

Others took the opportunity to criticize the Cowboys linebacker, claiming he was trying too hard to be a part of the Eagles’ rivalry with the Cowboys.

Some fans even suggested that he wanted to join the Eagles, with one writing that he “just need to gon and request that trade we know he wants to be an eagle.” 

Another fan pointed out that people from Philly dislike the Cowboys more than they dislike Eagles players, and that Parsons would learn this soon enough.

The incident highlights the power of social media and the impact it can have on sports culture. Fans are passionate about their teams and rivalries, and even a fake quote can spark intense reactions. As players become more active on social media, they must be careful not to get caught up in fake news or social media hoaxes that can lead to unintended consequences.

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