Days after being slammed for Damar Hamlin take, LeBron James hater throws social media tirade for LeBron’s 23 switch

One of LeBron James’s critics continues to find new reasons to vent their frustrations. Just days after facing backlash for their controversial take on Damar Hamlin, the hater takes to social media once again, launching a tirade against LeBron’s recent jersey number change. The switch from number 23 to number 6 seems to have sparked curiosity and speculation among fans.

With suspense and intrigue surrounding both the Damar Hamlin issue and LeBron’s jersey number, the online feud continues to captivate and provoke discussion. Stay tuned as we delve into the details and try to uncover the motives behind this relentless critic’s social media outbursts.

Pat McAfee blasted Skip Bayless for “insensitive” Damar Hamlin tweet

During his hosting duties at the ESPY, Pat McAfee took the opportunity to publicly criticize his rival commentator, Skip Bayless, for his controversial and insensitive tweet about Damar Hamlin. McAfee, an $85 million signee for ESPN, used his opening monologue to condemn Bayless’s behavior and draw attention to the impact of his words.

McAfee sarcastically imitated Bayless’s voice as he recalled the incident, mocking the lack of empathy displayed in Bayless’s tweet. Referring to Hamlin’s collapse during a “Monday Night Football” game, Bayless had tweeted about the game’s importance, seemingly ignoring the severity of the situation. McAfee called out Bayless, urging him to delete the tweet and highlighting the insensitivity of his words.

The former NFL player went on to commend the Bills training staff, the doctors who treated Hamlin, and Hamlin himself, praising his resilience. However, McAfee made it clear that he strongly disagreed with Bayless’s tweet, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing the well-being and health of athletes over the outcome of a game.

Bayless faced significant backlash from athletes and sports personalities for his remarks, although he later apologized.

“Undisputed” host rages over LeBron switching to no.23

LeBron James’ decision to switch back to jersey number #23 for the upcoming season has sparked controversy, particularly with “Undisputed” host Skip Bayless.

In a series of fiery tweets, Skip criticized L Train’s decision, claiming it was an attempt to elevate himself above Michael Jordan and solidify his position as the greatest of all time in terms of the NBA. He labeled James wearing #23 as a “disgrace” and dismissed any notion that he could surpass Jordan’s legacy.

Bayless’ outburst tapped into the ongoing debate surrounding the GOAT title, reigniting the rivalry between The Akron Hammer and Jordan supporters. While some fans agreed with Bayless’ viewpoint, others defended James.

As the controversy continues, Bron Bron seems to remain focused on his performance on the court, determined to lead the Los Angeles Lakers to success. Ultimately, the jersey number he wears is a symbolic choice that seems to hold personal significance for him, and fans eagerly await his upcoming season to see how he continues to shape his own legacy in the game.


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