OnlyFans boxer Daniella Hemsley leaves message for KSI following YouTuber-turned-boxer’s reaction of disbelief

Daniella Hemsley, who has unfortunately become the center of discussion in the boxing world today, engaged in a lively exchange of words with none other than KSI, one of the pioneers of modern-day influencer boxing.

In just the second bout of her career, Daniella emerged victorious against Aleksandra Daniel. However, her interaction with KSI caught the attention of some fans and boxing enthusiasts. 

OnlyFans boxer Daniella Hemsley  goes viral with flashing celebration

In an astonishing turn of events following her impressive boxing victory, Hemsley, a prominent influencer on the OnlyFans platform, garnered significant attention for her inappropriate actions where she flashed some of her private parts.

During the live streaming of the event, Hemsley caused a stir by unexpectedly revealing her breasts while the fight’s results were being announced. This unprecedented incident sparked widespread discussion and became the focal point of post-fight conversations.

The KingPyn tournament has played a crucial role in connecting the online sphere with the boxing industry. This event has drawn a diverse range of participants, extending beyond YouTube personalities to include influencers from different domains of influence.

KSI gets teased by Daniella for his reaction to the wild celebration

Following her unconventional celebration, numerous notable influencers expressed their thoughts on the incident via Twitter. Among them was KSI, the owner of Misfits Boxing, who shared his surprise stating, “I’m still in disbelief.”

Seizing the opportunity to catch KSI’s attention, the renowned OnlyFans personality responded with a clever and lighthearted comment, saying, “But you’re not complaining though, let’s face it.”

The video capturing the flashing incident swiftly gained traction on numerous social media platforms, rapidly becoming viral. Daniella received extensive backlash for her actions, primarily due to the fact that the incident was witnessed by a large number of children.

As of now, there have been no official updates regarding any potential consequences she may encounter. Nevertheless, it is highly probable that she will face substantial penalties or fines for her unorthodox celebration.

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