Deion Sanders ex-wife Pilar Sanders once faced 7-day prison sentence amid defamation trial with coach Prime

Renowned for his illustrious coaching career, Deion Sanders, a prominent figure in the football world, has not only left an indelible mark on the field but also gained recognition for his lucrative business endeavors. The coach also recently made a Guinness record.

However, beyond his coaching prowess and financial success, Sanders has been embroiled in legal disputes with his ex-wife, Pilar Sanders, resulting in significant ramifications for her.

Deion Sanders ex-wife Pilar Sanders once faced 7-day prison sentence

After the divorce between Pilar Sanders and Deion Sanders, the couple faced many issues regarding their separation and children’s custody. 

Sanders’ ex-wife, Pilar, faced a 7-day prison sentence. The sentence was due to contempt of court, as she failed to comply with a custody agreement by not returning their children.

The judge initially ordered a 30-day jail term but suspended and probated it, requiring her to serve a week in Collin County jail.

The coach sought up to $1 million in damages, claiming Pilar made false statements on social media accusing him of child abuse, assault, and attempted murder. Pilar was ordered to pay $1 million for defamation, as the claims were proven false during the trial.

Who won the case between Deion and Pilar Sanders?

The couple had constant disagreements, which ultimately led to their divorce in 2013 after being married for 12 years. Custody battles persisted over the years, despite their divorce.

The coach won custody of their children, which Pilar described as happening because of the coach’s fame and power.

A prenuptial agreement drafted before their marriage dictated the financial terms of their divorce. Deion was to pay Pilar $100,000 for every year they were married, and all marital property was to be divided equally.

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Pilar accused Deion of domestic violence on national television and social media. However, an investigation found no evidence to support these allegations, and in 2017, Pilar was awarded primary custody of the two youngest children.

Pilar also refuted Deion’s accusations of adultery and abuse while filing an appeal regarding the $2.2 million defamation lawsuit Deion won.

‘When Deion didn’t get his way he screamed, “this woman is cheating. This woman is crazy,” Pilar said.

She revealed ongoing efforts to gain full custody of her 15-year-old son, Shedur, after being granted primary custody of her eldest son, Shilo, 17.


Deion Sanders’ son posted a story when his mother got his custody, saying that he’s officially back with his mother and praising the court for putting him in a healthy, loving environment.

A series of dramatic incidents, including accusations of defamation and protracted custody disputes, have marked the turbulent legal journey between Deion Sanders and his ex-wife Pilar Sanders.

Despite the divorce settlement and custody decisions, the couple’s public disputes have continued to unfold, impacting not only their personal lives but also raising questions about the enduring effects on Deion Sanders’ reputation and financial standing.

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