Despite Jake Paul promising rematch in 2024, Tommy Fury claims no contract from ‘Problem Child’ since winning their Saudi Arab bout

Jake Paul expressed his desire for a rematch in February 2024 after losing to longtime foe Tommy Fury. In contrast, Tommy asserts that the prospect of a rematch has been shelved as Jake didn’t contact his camp lately. 

The Problem Child is currently focusing on his forthcoming bout with MMA veteran Nate Diaz. Jake and Diaz are scheduled to face off on August 5 at the Dallas American Airlines Center. 

Tommy Fury claims Jake Paul hasn’t contacted him since he won

Jake Paul suffered his first boxing loss in February at Saudi Arabia’s Diriyah Arena against longtime rival Tommy Fury. Tommy claims that the YouTuber-turned-boxer hasn’t gotten in touch with him to initiate the rematch clause since then

‘Nope, not once. I think I saw him tweet the other day that he wants to run it back in a year’s time. As far as I’m concerned, we was meant to be running it back a few months later, like in the rematch.’ Fury said. 

Jake’s fight with Tommy was a big success, despite what many ardent boxing fans might think. Truth be told, one of the biggest PPV sales records in recent memory occurred.’ TNT’ now thinks Jake is afraid to run it back. 

“He was in the middle of the ring saying ‘I’m here for the rematch, that’ll be my next fight.’ Obviously he’s gone away, watched it, and thought ‘maybe I’m not that good yet.’ So he’s silent.” Fury added. 

Jake Paul announces February 2024 Tommy Fury rematch

Jake Paul had a spotless record in professional boxing, which Tommy demolished in their Riyadh encounter. However, despite Tommy’s claim, The Problem Child earlier expressed his desire to go for a rematch saying, “It’s gonna happen for sure.”

The Love Island superstar, who is currently 9-0-0 in his professional boxing career, previously stated in the rematch he will be back stronger than before. Jake also indicated their rematch is going to be on February 2024. 

“I think it was a great fight, it was entertaining. So, I think we have to run it back and Tommy’s down, so I’m excited for that.” Jake added.

Even if there is presently no assurance surrounding a Paul-Fury 2, the online phenomenon is clearly determined to give it all to once again demonstrate his boxing prowess. Who do you predict will triumph in the rematch between Jake and Fury? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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