Doctor creates controversy claiming Damar Hamlin incident a sign of ‘racism’

Recently, an incident involving NFL player Damar Hamlin has led to a lot of opinions being shared, many of which are trying to gain attention at his expense. One particularly troubling take on the matter came from Tracie Canada, a cultural anthropology professor at Duke University, who holds a Ph.D. and has spent her career researching and theorizing ideas about race.

She has currently working on a book about the experiences of black college football players. However, after Canada’s claim that Damar Hamlin’s injury is somehow racist towards black football players, it’s safe to say that the book will be filled with anti-white, woke talking points to appease her private university colleagues.

Doctor Pushes Agenda That Football Is Racist In Light Of Damar Hamlin Injury

In Canada’s story, she calls this “racial stacking” and claims that “Black players are disproportionately affected. While Black men are severely underrepresented in positions of power across football organizations, such as coaching and management, they are overrepresented on the gridiron.” following the Damar Hamlin incident. Canada also cites an activist named Harry Edwards who argues, “like a piece of equipment, the black athlete is used.”

What Canada fails to acknowledge in her article is that all football players, regardless of their race, are forced to play the game and understand the risks involved with playing such a violent sport. It’s not a problem unique to black players, it’s a problem that affects all players in the league. The fact that there are more black players in the NFL than white players does not mean that the league or sport is racist.

Dr. Canada’s Twitter account was private after being called out for her story by those with common sense, but her story highlights the unfortunate truth that people are still looking to gain fame and attention by pushing their agenda. Football is a violent sport that affects all players, regardless of their race or position, and it’s important to remember that when discussing injuries and risks involved with playing the game.



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