Eagles DE Brandon Graham pokes fun at Patrick Mahomes’ on-field drama: “He’s looking like he’s hurt”

2023 started with a blessing for the gang of Patrick Mahomes following their Super Bowl victory and lifting the Lombardi Trophy, on the contrary, the Eagles team perhaps never want to recall the memory of that scary night when they experienced a close defeat to the Chiefs.

Even though time plenty of time has passed since the horrifying incident the memories of the final still peeped into the Eagle players’ minds and recently the teams’ defensive end Brendon Graham shared some story while making jokes about the Chiefs’ hero of the night Mahomes.

Brendon Graham teases Patrick Mahomes

In the victory of the Chiefs, one man who is always in a run to present himself as a one-man army—Pats displayed his level best despite his ankle injury. The 27-year-old near the end of the first half hurt his ankle and stumbled the field after appearing to reinjure his right ankle following his injury in a divisional game against the Jaguars.

The Chief’s team was in a dying situation at that time with a 10-point deficit and their veteran quarterbacks’ injury put them in a challenging situation, hence without taking treatment and being benched for the rest of the game, Mahomes made up his mind to continue and later succeeded in his attempt.

However, the whole incident appeared as a little drama for the Eagle’s defensive end and he cited Patrick as a good actor in his recent appearance on the Sports Take Podcast with Derrick Gunn and Rob Ellis, “[Mahomes] went in there on the sideline [and] he’s looking like he’s hurt. Get him, we gotta get to him. And he came out, you can tell how tough he is but that boy acted good. He sure put that face up like —[he was hurting].”

The injury of the two-time MVP can’t be ignored, yet Graham decided to pull his leg and label him as a hero of the match while playing with both his leg and face.

Who won the 2023 Super Bowl?

On paper, the Eagles and Chiefs were the two best teams in the league with having much superior power on the center, hence the match was worthwhile to enjoy for the whole NFL world.

The game was in favor of the Phillies as they had a 10-point lead before moving to the second quarter, nevertheless, the Eagles did not take much time to change the situation of the game and within four years, the Chiefs won two Super Bowl victories defeating the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 at State Farm Stadium in a pulsating showdown.

Super Bowl 2023: Magical Patrick Mahomes leads Chiefs past Eagles in epic showdown

Moreover, for the winning of the Chiefs, their legendary five-year veteran quarterback revealed himself as a man of the hour while paying no heed to his physical health.

Even though the Eagles squad regards it as a drama, Kansas City will never forget Mahomes’s contribution.


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