Ex-Jets HC applauds “pissed-off” Aaron Rodgers while sending strong message to Robert Saleh

The former Packers veteran quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ spent many springs of his NFL journey in Green Bay, led them to win a Super Bowl title, yet the team was not very respectful of Rodgers. This forced him to become interested in the Jets and finally join a team that seems to give the four-time MVP more than he expected.

The last chapter of A-rod with his former team was not as expected as there was much dispute and misunderstanding among the veteran players and the team’s front office that left a negative effect on the quarterbacks’ fans’ minds on the Green Bay team. Meanwhile, former Jets head coach Eric Mangini is also among the Aaron fans who recently provided insightful support to the Jet’s new quarterback.

Eric Mangini hails Angry Aaron Rodgers

Throughout his NFL journey, Rodgers set himself as one of the best quarterbacks in the league and became the first player to win the MVP in consecutive seasons since Peyton Manning. His first MVP came in 2011 when the Packers won the Super Bowl. However, the QBs’ last two MVPs came as a source of agony for his former team which Mangini claimed to Rich Cimini of ESPN.

With Jets Trade, Aaron Rodgers Gets His Ask: A Team Desperate for Him - The New York Times

Jordan Love was the Packers’ first-round draft pick in 2020 and sat behind Rodgers for the last three years, yet the team showed much faith and confidence in Love that ignited the inner Aaron, forcing him to show his best and win the MVP of that year.

The Packers’ team encountered another angry A-rod in the next season when the team was not in the good book of him, hence supporting him to win his fourth MVP.

However, not every player can present themselves as a superhero like the four-time MVP who likes to reveal his worth not in words, but in action which was liked by Eric heavily and he also predicted that the Jets are going to have a great version of the former Packers Super Bowl-winning quarterback.

“They’re getting a pissed-off Aaron Rodgers, which is exactly the Aaron Rodgers you want,” he said. “When he was pissed off about Jordan Love, he won the MVP. When he was pissed off about his contract, he won the MVP. When Jordan Love wasn’t an issue and the contract was taken care of, not as great. Now he’s pissed off. It’s perfect.”

Manginis’ strong message to Robert Saleh

Though the New York Jets are now giving the quarterback the utmost priority and respect they can, there was a time when Robert Salehs’ team was in a great mess about the trading decision of the former Packers player for his advancing age and potential retirement decision. 

However, Magini warned Saleh for their confusion raised against the 18-year veteran NFL player and advised him to work hand in hand with him to grasp all the potential that the quarterback possesses; otherwise, someone else will going to make it happen the next season.

Jets HC Robert Saleh on Aaron Rodgers: I'm Excited to Start Working with Him

“It better work. If it doesn’t, odds are someone else will try to make it work next year,” he said.

As of right now, A-rod is confident to lead the Jets to victory in this year’s Super Bowl. Perhaps the star player has made up his mind to demonstrate his worth to the team in order to clear up any doubts about their chances of winning while also earning another MVP award.


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