Former Bucs’ WR Mike William dies at 36 in a fatal accident

The sporting world stopped in its tracks as Former NFL star, Mike Williams passed away only at the age of 36.

 Williams played as a wide receiver for five seasons in the NFL before calling off his professional career back in 2016. Since then the player has been involved in various odd jobs, and it was at his workplace that the mishap occurred.

Mike William was tragically killed in a construction mishap

Former NFL star Mike Williams ended his professional career and announced retirement from football after playing five seasons in the league. It was said that he was working in a construction site for the last few weeks, until news broke of his passing. 

While Williams was working at the construction site, a steel beam dropped on his head that caused a fatal head injury, as per his father, Wendell Muhammed.

Father of the former NFL professional further explained how the injury caused swelling in his brain and rendered damage to the spinal cord with addition to paralysis on his right arm and below the waist. 

NFL Buffalo Bills beat reporter Jon Scott, confirmed the news on Wednesday. 

Given his critical condition following the accident, doctors had to put him in induced coma under intensive care. On 6th September, the doctors tried to revive Williams, but he had fallen permanent victim to his injuries, resulting in his death.  

What teams have Mike William played for?

Former WR Mike William had played for three major NFL teams during his five-season stint in the league. He played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs until ending his NFL career in 2016.

Williams was a fourth round pick out of Syracuse in 2010 and had 964 yards receiving with 11 touchdowns which made him NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year finalist.

Mike Williams
Mike Williams — Wide receiver @googlepics

He played four seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before heading on to playing with Buffalo Bills in 2014. Later he played for the Kansas City Chiefs and ended his career in 2016. During this period, he made more than $11.848 million in career earnings.

We offer our prayers and condolences for Williams’ family. His contributions to the sport will be remembered by his fellow comrades and the teams he has played for in the NFL.



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