Former Patriots star slaps Bill Belichick alleges Tom Brady hid Patriots’ mistakes following Mac Jones trade rumors

Asante Samuel, a former member of the New England Patriots, criticizes Bill Belichick after the Mac Jones trade report by reminding him of Tom Brady’s importance to Bill’s successful tenure with the Patriots.

Asante Samuel Jr. has the versatility to help the Patriots secondary - Pats Pulpit

Samuel played for the New England Patriots for five seasons, winning two Super Bowl championships, being selected to the 2007 Pro Bowl, and being named to the Patriots’ All-2000s team. Later, he agreed to a six-year, $57 million contract with the Philadelphia Eagles.

The head coach of the Patriots reportedly made quarterback Jones available for trade this NFL offseason, and there is also rumored to be dysfunction between them because of disagreements in opinion, according to ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio.

The ex-NFL quarterback Robert Griffin was apparently shocked by the report, and he tweeted his displeasure over the fact that the player they were trying to trade was given a defensive coordinator as his offensive coordinator and a special teams coach as his quarterback coach the previous season.

Griffin remarked, “The Patriots have reportedly shopped Mac Jones to other teams this off-season. Trying to trade him after giving him a defensive coordinator as his Offensive Coordinator and a special teams coach as his QB Coach last year is MIND BLOWING.”

What did Samuel say by criticizing the Head Coach regarding Jones’ trade?

The cornerback shared Robert’s tweet in the interim to criticize the head coaches’ choice. He made an indirect attempt to remind Belichick that Brady was largely responsible for his success as a coach in winning the Super Bowl.

“The silly things he use to get away with because of Brady,” Asante tweeted.

The Patriots participated in nine Super Bowls, more than any other NFL team, and won a league-high six of them under Belichick and Brady.

The 42-year-old recorded 237 combined tackles, 79 passes defended, and 22 interceptions in his five years with the team, but he still has many negative memories of his former coach and has not shied away from criticizing him.

The cornerback explained in February the reason for his resentment against his former coach by sharing some of his experiences while playing for Belichick.

Patriots: Asante Samuel rips Bill Belichick on how he coached CBs

“I remember one day vividly. We won the game, but he cussed everybody out after the game. Everybody’s walking around with their head down, and I’m like, ‘What the hell is wrong with you? Pick your head up. Don’t let this man take you down. We just won.’ Do you know how hard it is to win games in the NFL? I never fell for none of that stuff.”

Do you concur with Samuel as he describes Bill as a successful but strict coach?


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