Gervonta Davis’ flashy display of cash after prison release sparks mixed reactions among boxing fans: “He wants to be Floyd Mayweather”

Gervonta Davis just got released from prison owing to some of his earlier charges. For a star of his magnitude, one would normally expect some humility and carefully thought-out actions, especially after serving jail time.

Unfortunately, to quote the great Khabib Nurmagomedov, the money seems to have ‘Got in his head’ and the boxer got highly criticized recently for some of his controversial brandishing of wealth online.

Gervonta Davis shows off a large sum of money after releasing jail

The highly acclaimed boxing star was recently released from custody after being held since June 1. Tank had pleaded guilty to a hit-and-run incident that occurred in 2020, and his sentence included 90 days of home confinement and an additional three months under parole terms.

However, after serving 44 days in prison, Gervonta was confirmed to have been released by a spokesperson from the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, as reported by TMZ.

Following his release, the Baltimore-born boxer posted a story on his social media, in which he can be seen holding a significant amount of cash in front of a mirror. This particular selfie has already stirred up controversy within the boxing community.

Boxing fans calling him a “Floyd Mayweather copycat”

As soon as Davis shared the picture of himself holding a stack of money, numerous fans couldn’t help but draw comparisons to Mayweather’s well-known affinity for displaying his wealth.

Additionally, some fans took the opportunity to make playful remarks, suggesting that ‘Tank’ finally got the chance to enjoy the money he earned from his victory over Ryan Garcia.

The social media post sparked a variety of reactions, with fans making jokes and drawing parallels to Mayweather’s persona. Martin Mulcahey, for example, said, “And he wonders why his mansion was robbed while in jail?” 

“I’ve never understood this, Mayweather, Haney, and Davis posing with piles of cash. We get it, you’re rich. I don’t know why getting a picture with it is impressive.” Patrick Murphy commented. 

Another user made a hilarious comment by saying, “I don’t think none us thought that his money would vanish because of a couple of weeks spent in jail.” 

Steve King was being sarcastic too when he commented, “All the money he saved on his water and electrical bill while he was in prison.” 

“Just a bit boring ain’t it. We’ve seen it. You’ve got money. Just like Mayweather has money. Just like Haney has money. But what makes it interesting?” another user said. 

According to another user, this is just useless flex as he said, “I’d never ever do this. Too much respect for others, and my image… not mad at Tank… maybe he really think he motivating others, maybe he had; I still think this is a crazy flex tho.”

Do you think Gervonta Davis is simply imitating Floyd Mayweather? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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