Halo HCS 2024 Roadmap: Date, major tournaments, predicted teams, new bundles, and more

In 2024, anticipation builds as Year 3 of Halo Infinite HCS approaches, promising a thrilling continuation of the renowned gaming series. Following two years of intense competition, players worldwide are gearing up for fresh challenges, with new events and rosters adding excitement.

As part of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studios, 343 Industries manages the military science fiction franchise that originated with Bungie’s creation of Halo: Combat Evolved in 2001. The competitive stage is set for the world’s top Halo players to make their mark in gaming history. Halo enthusiasts eagerly await the unfolding of this next chapter in the iconic series.

Halo HCS 2024 Date and major tournaments, teams prediction

The roadmap shows four team-hosted major tournaments in the Halo Championship Series. It all culminated in October with the 2024 Halo World Championship.

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Get ready for an action-packed year in the competitive gaming scene with the 2024 HCS calendar, which unveils a series of thrilling events. The OpTic Gaming Major kicks off in Arlington, TX, on March 15–17, followed by the Open Series and Major Qualifier in February. The Quadrant Major takes center stage in London, UK, with dates in May yet to be announced.

The FaZe Clan Major heats up Atlanta, GA, in July, while the Spacestation Gaming Major concludes the season in Salt Lake City, UT, on September 6–8. The pinnacle of the competition, the Halo World Championship 2024, is set for October 4–6 in Seattle, WA.

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Seven powerhouse teams, including Cloud9, Complexity, FaZe Clan, OpTic Gaming, Quadrant, Sentinels, and Spacestation Gaming, are geared up for a fierce battle throughout the year, all aiming to claim the championship title in the grand showdown come October. This year is one of intense gaming showdowns and memorable moments.

New skin bundles on Halo HCS 2024

Prepare for HCS 2024 with an exclusive bundle launching on January 30. This collection features unique designs, including multi-use armor coatings and visors crafted by the teams themselves. The highlight is the Dracon Bandit, the first of three new weapon models enhancing the original Bandit and Bandit EVO. The Grim Reaper and Extermination models are set to release later in the HCS 2024 season.

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To own the Dracon Bandit, support your preferred team by purchasing their bundle. Not only do fans gain exclusive gear, but the majority of profits directly contribute to the partnered teams, ensuring their active participation in the thriving Halo ecosystem. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement, making it a win-win for both fans and teams.


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