“He’s slow and at the end of his career” Jake Paul’s nasty remarks on Nate Diaz’s fighting fitness comes as shock

The interference from Team Diaz at the Diamond Desert Arena in Glendale left Jake Paul angry. The problem lost all respect for Nate Diaz and claimed he would see the end of the matter. He is also inviting the American professional MMA fighter for a matchup, as he thinks Nate will be a much easier opponent than Anderson Silva.

Last Saturday, Jake Paul made history as he defeated one of the MMA legends, Anderson Silva. However, in the midst of the fight, team Diaz confronts team, Paul. The confrontation concluded in a backstage altercation. As soon as the problem child heard about the altercation, he made a vow to ‘fu*k’ Nate Diaz up. The matter looks now more serious than ever as the 25-year-old recently challenged one of the top lightweight division fighters.

The undefeated boxer recently made some harsh statements about the 37-year-old. He believes he has a greater chance of beating Nate because he recently defeated a superior fighter than him. It would be a lot easier because the UFC lightweight fighter is nowhere near as strong as The Spider.

“He’s slow and at the end of his career,” continued Paul. He’s lost it, as far as striking Maybe he still has jiu-jitsu, but as far as striking and all that, he’s just a street fighter. Boxing is the purest sport. It’s art. You can’t come in and street-fight someone in a boxing match. Anderson has length, Anderson has height, Anderson hits harder, is more slippery, has better head movement, and the list goes on. So I know that Nate is easier.”

For the time being, Diaz is not allowed to negotiate with any promotions until his three-month negotiation period with the UFC is over, so a fight with Paul may take some time. Meanwhile, the social media sensation is preparing to fight Tommy Fury as his next opponent in the ring.


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