How NFL players recover each week? 49ers’ Star George Kittle reveals the painful truth

George Kittle revealed the brutal reality of their pregame recovery, just as the conversation on Thursday Night Football is starting to pick up.

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A new rule allowing teams to play up to two Thursday Night Football games per season was proposed last week by the NFL owners. In terms of player safety, this rule seems to be a complete failure as it will provide fewer recovery times for the players. Patrick Mahomes and Justin Reid have already expressed their displeasure with it on Twitter.

What did George Kittle expose about the player’s recovery condition?

On Theo Von’s podcast “This Past Weekend,” Kittle recently spoke about the challenging recovery process NFL players endure each week. San Francisco 49ers tight end shared that he is already going through much physical toll and revealed his brutal physical condition after every match.

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“I’m in multiple car accidents every Sunday. I’ve had games where I hyperextended my knee, that’s gonna affect your season. Or you burst a bursa sac in your knee. That’s going to be there for several weeks. And if you get lucky, you don’t have to deal with that stuff, it’s a little bit better, but you’re still getting into these car accidents,” the 29-year-old said.

The NFL authority had taken the new rule that allows teams to play two Thursday night games very lightly, though it will be detrimental to player safety and physical condition. The NFL team owners appear to only want the players to run during the game and pre-game recovery process by adding a second game.

Injuries are nothing new for Kittle, who missed the first half of the 2020 season after suffering a fractured foot in the middle of the campaign. In addition to missing a few games last season due to a calf injury, the TE has missed games over the previous four seasons.

“Thursday to Friday is when I start to feel like myself again. The more into the season you get, the more your body is wear and tear, wear and tear, wear and tear. Really now how I see it is, if I’m not doing football, I’m doing recovery.”

Justin referred to the addition of a new game as being “Destructive for the safety of players,” and GK outlined how it would be detrimental to the players. Unfortunately, the authority and team owners have shown little interest in the situation and appear to prioritize doing business with Amazon.

Despite Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, having earlier stated that there is no information on player injuries sustained during games in response to Patrick’s discontentment with the rules, the 49ers revealed his injury status on the podcast to show him the real scenario behind the contest.

The authority’s decision regarding the players’ dissatisfaction with Thursday Night Game will now be interesting to watch. What’s your opinion? Are you on the side of the players or the authority? Let us know in the comment box.


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