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‘I didn’t feel safe’ 49ers captain Fred Warner’s wife reveals she was harassed by Eagles fans claims to ‘never again’ visit Lincoln field

Sydney Warner, the wife of San Francisco 49ers star Fred Warner, recently shared her experience of attending the NFC Championship game in Philadelphia. In a TikTok video on Wednesday, Sydney recounted her experience of being berated by an intoxicated Eagles fan while she was minding her own business getting something to eat.

The 27yearold said that when she went to get something to eat at a concession stand, a drunk Eagles fan got in her face and tried to intimidate her. Although she tried to stay composed, she was not prepared for what happened when she tried to leave the stadium. She ended up in a tunnel filled with Eagles fans and they shouted at her togo home and even wished that her plane would crash.

“I tried my best to just not let it get to me. Like stay stone face, just walk and just let them throw stuff at you, say all the things and just get to where you’re going. Just block it out,” she said.

Sydney was so alarmed by the experience that she had to hide her red bag under her jacket to avoid further harassment. She said that she was all for passion but the fans had crossed the line and she would never go back to that stadium again. She added that she was aware of being called awimp but she could not handle the fans.

Sydney Warner‘s experience of attending the NFC Championship game was certainly not a pleasant one. She felt unsafe and intimidated by the Philly fans who berated and heckled her. She tried to remain composed but ultimately had to hide her bag under her jacket and leave the stadium early. The passionate display of support had crossed the line and she vowed to never go back there again.




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