“I don’t think it was a mistake”: Curtis Blaydes backs up old rival Francis Ngannou’s action to quit the UFC

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of combat sports, decisions like Francis Ngannou‘s departure from the UFC can create a buzz and divide opinions among fans and fellow fighters alike. However, for Curtis Blaydes, a man who knows the power of ‘The Predator’ firsthand, the decision is one that he supports.

Blaydes, a heavyweight contender on a winning streak, has fully backed Ngannou’s decision to quit the UFC. Ngannou’s resignation sparked much heated debate among fight fans, with many questioning if it was the best decision for the former champion.

Blaydes, who has battled Ngannou two times and lost on both occasions, observes that Francis just needs one fight in which he gets a whopping five million dollars to win.

Curtis Blaydes

Curtis Blaydes Backs Ngannou’s Decision, Ngannou’s Future Plans

Blaydes is confident that Ngannou can make something happen within the next four years, and that leaving the UFC was not a mistake. Currently, Blaydes is preparing for his fight against Sergei Pavlovich, which is set to headline the upcoming Fight Night card.

He is hoping that a victory in this bout will surely put him within touching distance of his much anticipated first-ever shot at UFC gold.

Since leaving the UFC, Ngannou’s next move has been the subject of much speculation. Initially, he hoped to fight Tyson ‘The Gypsy King’ Fury in a crossover superfight, but the fight fell through. Wilder and Whyte have both initiated a potential two-fight contract with Ngannou, with one bout occurring in the boxing ring and the other in the MMA octagon.

However, Eddie Hearn recently provided a huge update on a potential future bout, discussing a possible Francis Ngannou vs. Anthony Joshua clash. Hearn even had a meal with the former UFC star, sparking rumors that a boxing debut could be in the cards for Ngannou.


Blaydes’ Focus on Upcoming Fight

As for Blaydes, he is focused on his upcoming fight and is excited for the opportunities that lie ahead. It is just a matter of time before he earns his much deserved opportunity at UFC gold, thanks to his amazing victory streak and unshakable resolve.

To sum up, with Blaydes’ impressive win streak and Ngannou’s potential for a massive payday in his future, it’s clear that both fighters are poised for greatness. As the world waits for The Predator’s next move, one thing is certain: the world of combat sports is unpredictable, and anything could happen inside the boxing ring or the Octagon.

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