‘‘I want all the belts’’: Adrien Broner discloses future plans amid comeback victory vs Bill Hutchinson

Adrien Broner’s boxing career was seemingly in peril after a string of postponed fights and a protracted absence from the ring. Tonight Broner finally made a comeback and didn’t let down his supporters who have been hungry for his return. 

Broner, who has won numerous world championships in several weight classes, hasn’t been active since 2021. In 2008, the American boxer made his professional debut, and since then, he has been one of the game’s emerging stars. 

In 2011, Broner defeated Vicente Martin Rodriguez to claim his first world championship, the WBO super featherweight title. The 33-year-old boxer continued to win and eventually amassed titles in the lightweight, welterweight, and super lightweight divisions. 

Adrien Broner vs Bill Hutchinson scorecard

AB finally made a comeback and defeated Bill Hutchinson in the main event at a Fite TV Pay-Per-View event on Friday night at Casino Miami Jai Alai.

Referees scored 100-90, 99-91, and 99-91 in favor of Adrien.  Broner from the opening bell to the end absolutely dominated Hutch throughout the ten-round battle. 

Who is Adrien Broner going to fight next?

After an absence of two years, the recent performance was a satisfying display from Adrienne’s end. However, the former four-division title winner doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon. Rather during the post-fight interview, he expressed his desire to come for all the belts. 

“Anybody with the title. What’s his name? Romello? I like the winner of Teofimo and Josh Taylor and whoever else got the belt. I want all the belts, I don’t just want a Louis belt, a Gucci belt, I want the WBA belt, and WBO belt, and WBC belt, and IBF belt too.” said Broner. 

‘The Can Man’ has had a number of legal troubles and problems outside of the ring despite his prowess inside it. For his showy fighting style, crude remarks, and ability to dismantle opponents, “The Problem” became a  well-known figure in the boxing community.

Many combat sports athletes take a massive hit to their careers when they continuously get involved in outside-the-ring controversies. While it’s remarkable to see Bronerv somewhat maintain his form, he should really try to stay out of trouble going forward if he desires a prolonged and successful career.

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