“I’m not going to fight 50 dudes” Jake Paul responds to Floyd Mayweather encounter after ‘running away‘ video goes viral


Tommy Fury’s victory over Jake Paul has been a topic of debate over the last month. On social media platforms, Jake occasionally is seen offering justification for his loss. And now it looks like that loss has gotten the better of him after he appeared to have rekindled an old feud in the course of things.

‘The Problem Child’ was caught on tape bumping into Floyd Mayweather on Wednesday after the Miami Heat-Cleveland Cavaliers game. After exiting the scene in a hurry, the YouTuber has come forward with a statement claiming that he was right to run away from the scene as it would’ve been a dumb idea to fight 50 dudes.

What happened between Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather?

In a video that TMZ Sports recently published, these two can be seen fighting loudly. A security officer made an effort to maintain order. Then things swiftly got out of hand. The younger Paul quickly fled the scene after recognizing the scenario. The Ohio native stated that he was ready to face Mayweather in a one-on-one fight at any time.

However, he seems wise enough not to engage in a street brawl, especially when outnumbered. Paul stated that he was not a coward rather he was cautious and accurate in his assessment of the situation. He reiterated his willingness to face Mayweather in a fair fight and stated that he was not stupid enough to indulge Mayweather and his gang.

One of Mayweather’s team members repeatedly urged him to “bust him up.” Jake, however, maintained his cool and ran away from a team with malicious intent. Later, “the problem child” felt compelled to explain the circumstance. This episode, in his opinion, left a stain on his pride. He asserted that “Money,” on the other hand, was attempting to start a fight with him.

Why does Jake Paul feel that Floyd Mayweather is holding a grudge from a past incident?

Mayweather was advised by Jake to “move on” from the incident. Jake went after Mayweather, saying he was at fault for trying to “jump” on him with fifty guys while he was just trying to enjoy a regular Wednesday. They have a history of getting into confrontations and in one such case, Jake stole Mayweather’s hat while his brother was facing him in an exhibition fight.

Paul is entitled to feel that the history between these two is what prompted this unwarranted public feud. However, his post-loss anxiety could pave the way for a fight with Mayweather. Jake has repeatedly challenged Mayweather to a fair fight, so the two may end up fighting in the ring. Time will tell whether this shambles develops into a full-fledged match.



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