“It can be trouble”: UFC champ Aljamain Sterling warns Jake Paul on Nate Diaz’s ‘gas tank’ like stamina ahead of boxing bout

Aljamain Sterling, the UFC champion, cautioned Jake Paul before their forthcoming boxing battle by pointing out Nate Diaz’s impressive stamina. Sterling pointed out Diaz’s outstanding endurance, calling the fighter’s “gas tank” a possible problem for Paul.

His warnings highlighted the difficulties Paul would encounter in the ring because Diaz is renowned for his ability to keep a relentless tempo throughout his matches. Compared to the opponents Jake has faced so far, Nate proposes a different kind of challenge.

What is Aljamain Sterling’s take on Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul?

The UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling recently discussed a potential matchup between Nate Diaz and Jake Paul. Paul was warned by Sterling about the difficulties he could encounter considering Diaz’s persistence. The UFC champion stressed on Diaz’s well-known “gas tank,” or his capacity to keep up a high level of pressure throughout his fights.

Funk Master emphasized that Paul, who is relatively inexperienced in professional boxing, may have a difficult time contending with Diaz’s stamina. In many of his previous fights the Stockton native has gone the distance despite taking severe damage.

While Diaz has a strong MMA resume, Paul has drawn attention for his boxing contests with mostly non-boxers. To compete against an experienced fighter like Diaz, though, calls for a higher level of talent and preparation.

Two factors could play into ‘The Problem Child’s favor, Nate’s old age and his inexperience with boxing. Plus the younger Diaz brother will be moving up from his usual welterweight limit as Jake fights at middleweight.

Jake Paul’s take on Aljamain Sterling’s next fight?

Right in front of Sean O’Malley’s opponent, UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling, YouTube celebrity and boxer Jake Paul made a daring prediction on O’Malley. Paul placed a $2000 bet on O’Malley to win their title match at UFC 292 on August 19 by defeating Sterling. Paul placed the wager while Sterling was a guest on his podcast, “BS with Jake Paul.”

The two men talked about Paul’s August 5 boxing contest versus Nate Diaz. But when Paul’s co-host brought up his prediction for Sterling vs. O’Malley, things became kinda awkward. Paul acknowledged supporting O’Malley, a personal friend, and fellow influencer, to win the bantamweight title.

The influencer said, “I have to go with Sean because it’s my boy. It’s my boy. It’s not anything against you [Aljamain Sterling], it’s just, I have loyalty… That’s just how I am. I’ve known Sean since three years. At the end of the day, I think it’ll be a good fight.”

Will The Problem Child be able to defeat Nate Diaz? Share your thoughts on the matter in the comment section below.


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