“It was a really awesome segment” WWE commentator Wade Barrett reveal details of Wayne Rooney punch incident that catapulted him to fame

Former WWE star Wade Barrett finally expressed his feelings about the incident that happened years ago with football star Wayne Rooney. In the end, Barrett considers that one unfortunate event to be a blessing in disguise, as it was the highlight of his career.

One of the most memorable moments in WWE was a punch by current English professional wrestling commentator, Wade Barrett. The former wrestler thinks that’s the highlight of his career. The uncertain event took place on the November 9th, 2015 edition of RAW. Wade Barrett confronted footballer Wayne Rooney while he was seated in the front row during a match between Sheamus and former WWE Superstar Cesaro. All the audience in the background cheered for Rooney.

On that note, recently, during an Inside the Ropes live event, speaking with Kenny McIntosh, the former star said, “So it was a really awesome segment, it achieved exactly what we wanted to achieve. And then I got to the back. The usual handshakes, everyone’s thrilled with it. And I look at my Twitter and this thing has immediately gone viral, and it’s on ESPN in the US, it’s on Sky Sports over here. And I have these alerts set up on my Twitter, which alerts me as to what’s going on in the Twitter world and it’ll even tell me when my handle @WadeBarrett, which was at the time, is trending. ”

The 42-year-old said how it was trending all over Nigeria. And that says a lot about how the majority of people took it by surprise and couldn’t stop talking about it. Wade then jokingly added that you know you’ve hit a home run when you are trending in Nigeria.

Although in recent times, Wade shifted his career to commentary on NXT and SmackDown. Aside from as a commentator, the 42-year-old has made his contribution to the film industry too, as an actor. Bennett made his acting debut in the action film Dead Man Down (2013) and has since starred in action films such as Eliminators (2016), I Am Vengeance (2018), and I Am Vengeance: Retaliation (2020).


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