Jake Paul and Logan Paul hilariously mock Ex-UFC star Nate Diaz amid chock hold incident at Misfits boxing event

Jake Paul posted a video on Twitter to ridicule his opponent after a viral video showed MMA fighter Nate Diaz choking out someone who resembled Logan Paul.

The incident occurred during the Misfits x DAZN Series 006 boxing event on April 21, when a clip emerged of Diaz choking Rodney Peterson on the streets of New Orleans. Peterson is a TikTok personality who is recognized for resembling Logan.

Following the conclusion of the event, it appears that the younger Diaz brother went out and became involved in an altercation with some unidentified individuals.

During the scuffle, Nate was seen choking a man in a video posted by combat sports journalist Michael Benson. The reasons for the altercation are currently unknown.

In the footage, two groups of people are shown involved in a scuffle, with Diaz approaching the man who resembles Logan. Although the man appears to be attempting to calm Diaz down with his hands up and prevent him from attacking someone else.

Nate proceeds to grab him and put him in a chokehold. Diaz also lands a knee strike to the man’s body, while a woman nearby pleads with them to stop.

Jake Paul
Bisping is not happy about Jake Paul

Since Nate is scheduled to fight Logan’s younger brother, Jake, later this year. It was predictable that Jake would react to the incident. As expected, he responded by sharing an instructional video on how to defend oneself if attacked by Diaz on the streets.

Jake Paul goes on a rant on Twitter 

“Nate Diaz choking Logan Paul RESPONSE. Spread for safety!!”

On Twitter, Jake posted a video commenting on the Nate Diaz street fight. He wore high-waisted jean shorts and had a snorkel tucked into his sock.

“Welcome back to Jake’s self-defense .com,” he started. “Today, we’re gonna be teaching you what to do if you see a homeless Stockton man trying to come at you in the middle of the streets.”

Jake proceeded to caution anyone who resembles a Paul brother, citing Rodney Peterson as an example. He then proceeded to conduct a live demonstration. With himself portraying Diaz and his brother, Logan, portraying Peterson.

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