Jake Paul claims to “beat the f*** out of” WWE superstar ahead of Logan Paul vs Seth Rollins clash at WrestleMania 39

Jake Paul faced the music against Tommy Fury and had to let go of his unbeaten streak. He hasn’t stopped running his mouth though. His brother Logan Paul is set to take on Seth Rollins in Wrestlemania 39. And Jake Paul has stepped into the conversation with some snide remarks targeted at Rollins.

Why did Jake Paul throw shade at Seth Rollins?

Seth ‘Freaking’ Rollins is probably one of the biggest names in WWE now. Both of the Paul siblings, however, claimed to have no knowledge of his name. Jake Paul even went ahead and claimed that Rollins didn’t even strike him as a fearsome figure. He claimed that he couldn’t take anyone named ‘Seth’ seriously.

Jake Paul, on his brother’s “Impaulsive Podcast” was discussing the hyped-up bout between his brother and Rollins. Amidst their discussion, Jake Paul made an audacious claim, stating that Rollins was “not that big” of a name in the industry.

If this comment sounds nefarious to you then prepare to be bedazzled. Jake Paul then went on to claim that he could beat the f**k out of Rollins. Sounds like a big claim from someone who just had to relinquish his unbeaten streak in boxing, right?

How does Logan Paul feel about his match against Seth Rollins?

His brother, however, tried to stay on his feet throughout the entire podcast. Despite their admission, he was all praise for Rollins. Logan Paul felt that this match was like a bad omen to him. He elucidated his remarks thereafter. He claimed that he has had his bad share of luck on his birthdays. The match is set to take place on April 1, Logan’s birthday. Which is why Logan doesn’t feel exactly optimistic.

Logan predicted that this match would be on the cards as Rollins kept taunting him. However, Logan feels privileged to share the ring with Rollins, and that too on Wrestlemania. Even though Logan wasn’t aware of Rollins being such a gravitating character in WWE, he understood later on how influential he is in this circuit.

This is why Logan can’t wait for this match. Logan even feels that Rollins is special. He is portrayed as the villain mostly. But he pulls it off with such machismo that he has reached new heights. And this is something Logan really admires.

On the contrary, Jake Paul isn’t really impressed by his brother’s upcoming opponent as he has a history of getting into an altercation with Seth’s former team mate Roman Reigns. And in his mind, Jake Paul reckons he can definitely deliver a black eye to Seth Rollins as well.


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