Jake Paul loved by bitter rival promoter Eddie Hearn, once sued “The Problem Child” for $100 million

Jake “the controversial” Paul is a YouTuber turned professional boxer, but most of the time we find Jake Paul in the news because of his out of the ring activities. The YouTube star not only fights in the ring but also plays a significant role as a promoter of women’s boxing.

In April, Jake promoted Amanda Serrano to MVP while Eddie Hearn promoted her opponent, Katie Taylor. In that bout, Katie secured the victory by a split decision. The social media sensation didn’t like the decision. Jake accused one judge (Glenn Feldman) of being biased. 

Later, Feldman promoted another controversial fight between Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua; again, the same judge made a controversial call in favor of Joshua. The former Disney star was pissed off because of these decisions. Younger Paul then accused Matchroom Sport chairman Eddie Hearn of bribing the judge.

The accusation created a huge buzz in the boxing fraternity; even Hearn took the decision to submit a $100M lawsuit against Jake Paul. But it seems the situation has been resolved now. In a recent interview, Edie Hearn appreciated the hard work of Jake Paul as the YouTuber is improving himself. 

“So I think Jake is improving. I think he is working hard, you know. He does a lot of things wrong in the ring, but he’s not a boxer, he has not been around. Like he hasn’t been boxing for years and years.”

The Matchroom Sport chairman didn’t stop there; he even wanted to give full credit to Jake Paul as the problem child who successfully defeated veteran fighter Anderson Silva. Many fans tried to demean the victory because Silva is 47 years old and not a professional boxer, but Hearn is totally opposite of that.

“So Anderson Silva, you know, yes, not a boxer, 48, still has spent time fighting, was a decent stand-up fighter in MMA, but he was very old, but it’s a win. And I think now, Jake really has to fight a boxer to get. I don’t think he’s going to get any, and he’s never gonna get the credit. Maybe once, or he deserves until he actually fights a professional boxer.”

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