“He’s small” Andrew Tate’s remarks on Floyd Mayweather comes as shock

Though banned from several platforms for making misogynistic comments, everyone still knows about Andrew Tate because of his social media presence. This American internet personality, on the other hand, this American internet personality had a notable professional kickboxing and mixed martial arts career.

In his professional kickboxing career, Tate appeared in 85 matches, in which he won 76 times, lost 9 times, and knocked out his opponent 23 times. Since his kickboxing debut in 2005, Tate has won several titles in different weight categories, like the British ISKA Full Contact Cruiserweight Championship and the ISKA World Title (two weight divisions). 

Throughout his career, Tate competed in the cruiserweight and light heavyweight divisions. Once, he even got an offer to fight boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr., but Tate turned down the offer, even though he considered Mayweather to be smaller than him. The British-American kickboxer revealed the truth in a recent interview.

“He’s retired and he’s small, and I’m a lot bigger than him. I wouldn’t get knocked out; I’d be totally fine.”

But the real reason lies elsewhere; Tate considered “Money” one of his heroes, which has made him opt out of the fight.

“He [Floyd Mayweather Jr.] is one of my heroes, so I couldn’t bring myself to do it.”

Tate not only loved the fighting style of Mayweather; he loved everything about Money, especially his success stories, confidence, and  speaking capabilities. Actually, Andrew Tate is a full fledged fan of Floyd Mayweather.

“I love his story. I love his confidence. I love how he self-hypnotizes. Every single word out of his mouth is self-hypnosis. I love how he hypnotizes his opponents. His style. Everyone says he’s boring; he is not boring. If you appreciate defense, he is the best there’s ever been.”

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