Jake Paul played a hilarious prank on Logan Paul’s birthday on April fools day that went viral

Logan and Jake Paul are arguably the most famous brothers on the internet. They started their careers on vine and eventually made it all the way up to the big leagues. Before that they grow up in a broken home in the middle of Ohio.

Their success was unprecedented by even them and they could not believe how far they went in life. But during the early years of their careers, Jake and Logan were very controversial for pulling absurd and antics and and hilarious pranks.

They even prank each other whenever the opportunity arose. Logan revealed in an interview that his brother Jake had played an hilarious prank on him involving a Lamborghini.

The prank was an April fools prank where Jake told Logan that he had brought his brother an expensive Lamborghini as a token of appreciation for all the success that they had had in their lives.

Logan was emotional about getting such an expensive gift from his younger brother and it was all car on video by Jake. But as soon as they stepped out of the car, the real owner of Lamborghini came and as Logan for his keys back.

This apparently broke Logan Paul’s heart and he was very disheartened by the prank.

Here is the footage of Logan talking about how he was pranked by his brother Jake Paul:

The Lamborghini prank on his brother went viral on Jake’s YouTube channel and a lot of hilarity ensued.


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