Jayden Daniels breaks silence on elbow concerns after widely shared image causes NFL fans to freak out

Jayden Daniels, a Heisman Trophy winner, is considered one of the top players in College Football. Now that he is going to enter the NFL world, the biggest concern regarding the QB was at which spot he would be selected in the 2024 NFL Draft. 

However, after the picture of the QB’s elbow went viral, the fans have become more concerned about what’s going on with his elbow. Recently, fans found out the elbow of the QB is not normal, but Daniels has clarified the situation. 

Jayden Daniels clarifies his elbow worries

It all started when NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport posted a report about Jayden Daniels’ schedule. However, the picture that he used showed Daniels throwing a ball. The fans were quick to notice that his elbow had a large growth-looking bump.

Since then, the only question fans had from the QB was about his elbow as they got concerned and shocked at this sudden revelation. 

An elbow injury just before the NFL Draft can hinder the career of the Heisman Trophy winner. However, Daniels shared that there is nothing to be worried about. He assured his fans that his elbow was fine, and that it was nothing serious. 

“My elbow is perfectly fine.. stop the cap!!”

However, his words didn’t calm the worried fans who wanted an explanation for this weird bump on his elbow. 

Fortunately, an NYU doctor has explained in detail what is actually going on with Jayden Daniels’ elbow. 

Doctor explains Jayden Daniels’ weird elbow in viral picture

Dr. Jazrawi, Chief of the Division of Sports Medicine at NYU Langone Orthopedics shared a detailed explanation of Jayden Daniels’ elbow. 

Dr. Jazrawi identified the condition as olecranon bursitis, characterized by a lump on the elbow. He explained that it can cause varying levels of pain or no pain at all. He outlined two treatment options through which it can be recovered. 

“You can get a cortisone injection, or you can surgically remove the bursa.”

The doctor mentioned that the downtime for surgical removal is typically two to three weeks. However, he noted that some individuals can continue playing without significant discomfort.

“The downtime for something like that is two to three weeks for a bursa excision, or you can play the whole season with it because it’s generally not that painful. It’s surgically corrected. It’s not a reconstruction or a ligament repair.”

Jayden Daniels
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The doctor also emphasized that there’s no need to wait for healing time post-surgery, as once removed, the individual can resume activities without delay.

“It’s nothing you need to wait on healing time,” Dr. Jazrawi continued. “It’s really, you take it out and you’re fine. And it’s not even painful to begin with for some people, which likely includes Daniels, because he had it and he wasn’t complaining. It sounds like he played pretty well.”

After this explanation, it is clear that Jayden Daniels’s elbow is fine and there’s nothing to be worried about. Despite this condition, Daniels’ performance was excellent, throwing for 3,812 yards and 40 touchdowns with minimal interceptions. 

Now, Jayden Daniels is expected to be among the top picks in the upcoming NFL draft and join the NFL world soon.

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