KSI set sights on Tommy Fury claiming that “Jake Paul is being long with negotiations”

KSI has issued a warning to fight Tommy Fury after his return inside the ring, citing Jake Paul’s reluctance to negotiate. The British social media personality, musician, and boxer had been in talks to settle his ongoing feud with Paul. However, Paul’s recent defeat to Fury in February has derailed those plans, as the two are now scheduled for a rematch in the summer.

Additionally, Paul is rumored to be considering a bout against boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. KSI, aged 29, has expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation and has even threatened to withdraw from the long-standing feud entirely.

He tweeted: “At this point, after I beat a pro boxer on May 13th. I’m gonna go straight for Tommy Fury.”

“Jake Paul is being long with negotiations.”

KSI, who scored a knockout victory over popular Gamer Faze Temperrr in January, is reportedly in negotiations to take on Joe Fournier. A millionaire businessman-turned-boxer with a 9-0 record at the age of 40. KSI’s manager, Mams Taylor, has encouraged Jake to forgo a rematch with Tommy Fury and instead face KSI in his comeback fight.

However, the self-proclaimed “Problem Child” has declined the offer and confirmed his intention to have a rematch with 23-year-old Fury.

KSI and Jake: The Saga Continues

JJ, on the other hand, publicly ridiculed Paul with a viral video shortly after his defeat in Saudi Arabia.

On his brother Logan’s podcast, Paul responded: “I didn’t see the videos. Talk is cheap because, with all that talk and whatever he said, he’s still afraid to sign the contract.”

KSI and Jake Paul had verbally agreed twice before to a winner-takes-all deal. However, the negotiations behind closed doors did not go as planned. Jake’s behavior has hindered his plans for a comeback, as he initially aimed to return to the ring this spring.

KSI when he faced Logan Paul back in 2019

JJ may still have his wishes granted by fighting professional boxer Joe Fournier. Although there has been no official confirmation yet. Fournier is currently the leading candidate to face Olatunji.

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